State of New Hampshire Site of Service Benefit Option

Use your Site of Service benefit option to avoid paying a deductible on lab tests and outpatient surgery. Here's how it works:
Lab Tests
Your doctor wants you to get a lab test. If you use one of the labs listed on Anthem's Find a Doctor tool, you pay $0 deductible. Whether you need a blood, urine or strep test, you have no out of pocket cost. That means no deductible or copay.
Finding a Site of Service Lab Location
You can also call the Designated Service Unit at 800-933-8415 for assistance.
Important information about lab services provided by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic in Concord

As of June 30, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic in Concord is no longer sending lab work for processing to the Concord Hospital Lab. Concord Hospital Lab is a Site of Service location, where the cost of your lab work does not go toward your deductible.

Why is this important to you? Dartmouth-Hitchcock will be processing its own labs, and it is not a Site of Service location. Effective immediately, if you have lab work done at Dartmouth Hitchcock in Concord, the cost of the lab work will go toward your deductible.

What can you do to avoid paying toward your deductible for lab services? Ask your doctor for the lab order and bring it with you to a Site of Service location.

In the Concord area, the following labs are Site of Service locations:

  • Concord Hospital Lab - 246 Pleasant Street, 603-227-7180
  • Quest Diagnostics - 280 Pleasant Street, 866-697-8378
  • Quest Diagnostics - 10 Ferry Street, 603-715-5910

If you have any questions, please call Anthem at 800-933-8415.

Outpatient Surgery
Your doctor asks you to get a routine outpatient service, like knee arthroscopy. If you use a Site of Service ambulatory surgery center (ASC) for same-day surgery, you will not pay a deductible for the covered service.*
Finding a Site of Service Outpatient Surgery/ASC Location
You can also call the Designated Service Unit at 800-933-8415 for assistance.
From taking out your appendix to taking out your tonsils, Site of Service can save you money. View our member flyer to learn more and see a list of frequently asked questions!
Some Site of Service locations may also be Vitals SmartShopper cost effective providers. Use a Site of Service location that is also a SmartShopper provider and pay no deductible and earn an incentive! Check by calling SmartShopper at 800-824-9127 or shopping on the SmartShopper website.
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* Additional services may be required at the ASC as part of your surgery or procedure and be subject to deductible and/or coinsurance. An example of such a service is pathology (the study and diagnosis of a disease) or work that is not sent to one of the labs found on Anthem's Find a Doctor tool.