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Why Offer EAP?
Invest in your success. Employees' emotional health has a significant impact on the success of your company.

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Legal and Financial Referral and Consultation

With Anthem EAP you and your family members have access to initial legal and financial consultation as part of the standard work/life feature. Your EAP includes: 
One 30-minute telephonic or in-person consultation with a qualified attorney, and a 25% discount on attorney fees.
One telephonic consultation with a financial counselor per separate financial issue at no direct cost provided the consultation is with a network financial consultant.
You also have access to a complete online library of legal and financial information, as well as financial calculators to help address issues ranging from debt management to buying a new home. 
Legal and financial topics include: 
Civil/consumer issues
Criminal matters
Debt/credit counseling
Estate planning
Financial services
Immigration law
IRS matters
Motor vehicle law
Personal/family legal services
Real estate matters
Identity Recovery and Credit Monitoring
Matters involving disputes or actions between members and their employer or other work related issues, malpractice issues, or issues involving Anthem EAP or its parent company are specifically excluded from this plan. Also excluded are matters that – in the opinion of the attorney – lack merit. Court costs, filing fees, fines, and subsequent consultations beyond EAP described services are the responsibility of the member. 
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