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Why Offer EAP?
Invest in your success. Employees' emotional health has a significant impact on the success of your company.

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How many counseling sessions are available? 
The number of counseling sessions available to you may vary depending on the plan your employer has chosen. When you call the toll-free number on your EAP card to get a referral, our intake representatives can tell you how many sessions are available to you. Also, during your initial assessment, your counselor should discuss whether EAP counseling is the best resource for you or if the maximum number of sessions will be needed. Your EAP counselor is also familiar with regional resources which may help your situation. 
What types of counselors can I see?
Licensed professionals in five disciplines are eligible for membership in our EAP network: 


Social Workers

Professional Counselors

Marriage and Family Therapists

Psychiatric or behavioral health Nurse Specialists

Contracted counselors represent a variety of specialties to help you. All of our providers are independent, licensed professionals who have contracted with Anthem to provide services.  
What can I expect from counseling?
The initial counseling session is your opportunity to explain your situation to the counselor who then works with you to determine the appropriate level of care you need to resolve your concerns. Our providers offer expertise in EAP counseling, emphasizing focused, problem-solving, short-term interventions. 
How soon can I expect a counseling appointment?
Depending on your concern, we have developed the following: 

Routine appointments are normally scheduled within three to five business days.

Urgent appointments are scheduled for within 48 hours.

Emergency calls are transferred to one of our crisis clinicians who can help connect you with same-day services.

How do I get counseling?
Simply call the toll-free number on your EAP card. Intake representatives are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to refer you to a network counselor located near your home or office. 
Do I need to confirm authorization before visiting a counselor?
Yes. Our network of providers is continually expanding, so in order for us to match you with a provider for your needs, we ask that you call Anthem EAP and request a referral to a network provider. After you have made your choice, you must call in to obtain a confirmation. 
What if I need more than the maximum visits included in my EAP plan?
For counseling beyond your EAP services, our staff can help you access your medical or behavioral health benefits (even if you’re not an Anthem medical plan member) or community resources that may be able to help you resolve your concerns. 
How confidential is the counseling?
Anything you discuss with your counselor, and even that you’re in counseling, is kept completely confidential except when: 

You authorize (by signature) that information be released to another party you specify (i.e., your employer or physician)

The EAP counselor believes you may be in danger of harming yourself or someone else

The counselor suspects child, elder, or dependent adult abuse or neglect

A court order is issued for your treatment records

Only in these situations where your counselor is legally obligated to provide information, can your information be shared with another party. It’s important to discuss any concerns you have about this with your counselor. 
Where can I go to get information on my behavioral health benefits?
To learn more about your behavioral health benefits, call your behavioral health provider’s customer service number (usually found on the back of your health insurance membership card). 
Is psychological testing or court-ordered treatment covered?
Anthem EAP does not provide psychological testing or court-ordered treatment. However, we can work with you to help you access treatment through your medical plan, behavioral health benefit, or community resource in your area that provides such services. 
What if my child needs to see a counselor?
EAP services are available to all of your household members and dependents at no additional cost to you. Simply call the toll-free number and one of our intake representatives will help you find a provider in your area experienced in treating the special needs of children. 
How do I talk to a loved one about seeking counseling?
If someone you love is resistant to counseling, you can begin counseling yourself. The counselor can discuss with you things you can do on your own. Also, by seeking counseling, you’re showing your loved one that you are serious about changing the situation, and often your willingness to change may encourage the other person to take steps necessary to begin treatment. 
What if I have a complaint about my provider?
If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your provider, give us a call at the toll-free number on your EAP card. We will take appropriate steps to help resolve your complaint. 
What other resources are available to help besides counseling?
We understand that sometimes you face challenges – finding child or elder care, dealing with a legal or financial issue, moving, or even training a new puppy – that don’t require face-to-face counseling. That’s why we offer “work/life services” to help you achieve your goals. 
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