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Why Offer EAP?
Invest in your success. Employees' emotional health has a significant impact on the success of your company.

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How do I access financial services?
If you have a financial question or would like to discuss an issue with a financial professional, just call the toll-free number on your EAP card. One of our intake representatives can connect you with a financial professional to discuss your financial question. 
What kind of financial services do you provide?
As a member of Anthem EAP, you receive a free telephone consultation with one of our financial professionals participating in the EAPs. Our goal is to identify a financial professional who can help you: 

Understand your financial situations

Develop a new frame of mind for thinking about money

Come up with ideas to help get ahead

Stay on track

What types of financial issues can I discuss?
Financial professionals available through the EAP can discuss almost any type of issue with you including, but not limited to: 

Budgeting techniques

College funding

Corporate bonds

Credit after bankruptcy

Credit cards with lower interest rates

Credit repair scams

Credit reports

Debt counseling

Divorce planning

Insurance buying strategies

IRA rollovers

Money market accounts


Retirement planning

Reverse mortgages

Saving for financial emergencies

Small business financing

Social security benefits

Student loans

U.S. savings bonds

Utility bills - late

What if I need help beyond the initial consultation?
We can identify financial professionals who offer additional services for a discounted fee. Also, we can provide you with a list of community resources that may be available to you at a reduced cost or no cost. 
What are the qualifications for your financial service providers?
Financial professionals available through Anthem EAP have at least five years of professional experience, and hold various credentials and certifications including: 

Accredited tax preparer

Certified credit counselor

Certified divorce financial analyst

Certified financial planner

Certified public accountant

Certified senior advisor

Enrolled agent

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) certification

Personal financial specialist

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