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An important part of making the most of your health care coverage is understanding how your claim is paid.

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Health Care Reform
For information on Health Care Reform impact on the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and effective dates, including the dependent age limit, visit OPM. The Service Benefit Plan fully complies with decisions made by OPM governing the FEHBP.

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Blue Preferred® Plus POS – Missouri

What is Blue Preferred® Plus POS?
Blue Preferred Plus POS is a Point of Service plan. With this Plan you have more freedom to choose the providers that meet your particular needs. What this means is you will be able to receive covered medical services from providers who are outside our network without a referral. Please check our website for the most recent list of network providers. Provider Finder  
Blue Preferred Plus POS emphasizes preventive care such as routine office visits, physical exams, well-baby care, and immunizations, in addition to treatment for illness and injury. Our network providers follow generally accepted medical practice when prescribing any course of treatment.  
A summary of plan coverage is listed below:  
2015 Blue Preferred®Plus POS
2014 Blue Preferred®Plus POS
2013 Blue Preferred®Plus POS
2012 Blue Preferred®Plus POS
2015 Blue Preferred® Plus POS Brochure
2014 Blue Preferred® Plus POS Brochure
2013 Blue Preferred® Plus POS Brochure
2012 Blue Preferred® Plus POS Brochure