Understand Your Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
An important part of making the most of your health care coverage is understanding how your claim is paid.

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Health Care Reform
For information on Health Care Reform impact on the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and effective dates, including the dependent age limit, visit OPM. The Service Benefit Plan fully complies with decisions made by OPM governing the FEHBP.

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Standard Option

What is Standard Option?
Standard Option is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). When you choose Blue Cross and Blue Shield Standard Option, you have the freedom to choose providers both in and out of our PPO network. However, your out-of-pocket costs will be lower when you use in-network providers. 
Standard Option offers a copayment for office visits at a preferred provider and a calendar year deductible only applies for certain services. Standard Option also features both a retail and mail service prescription drug program. 
Features of Blue Cross Standard Option PPO 
Office visit copays
Calendar year deductible for some services
100% preventive care
100% well child care coverage
No Referrals required by the Service Benefit Plan
To learn more about the Standard Option please visit Blue Cross and Blue Shield's Federal Employee Plan - Benefit Plans - Standard Option for additional details.  
AskBlue for Federal Employees, your personal guide to healthcare coverage options is a simple way to identify health insurance options available for you and your family from Blue Cross and Blue Shield. 
Go to AskBlue to evaluate your benefit choices – You will be leaving our local site, but you will be directed to the Federal Employee Program website for Blue Cross and Blue Shield.