Open enrollment for 2014 benefits begins Nov. 6

The details of our 2014 benefit program are now available on the Open Enrollment page on My HR. Take the time to learn about what’s new and mark your calendar with these important dates: 2014 open enrollment period Nov. 6 through Nov. 15, 2013. Here are some highlights: 
For 2014, you’ll have the choice of three consumer-driven medical plans – a health reimbursement account (HRA) plan and two health savings account (HSA) plans. In California, Colorado, Georgia, Missouri and Virginia, an HMO option is also available.
We will no longer offer the Traditional PPO. If you are enrolled in this plan, you will need to enroll in a different medical plan for 2014.
Note: If you do not make a medical plan election this year you will receive default coverage in the HSA Silver Plus medical plan. (If you were in the HMO, you will default to the same coverage, and if you were not enrolled in medical, you will default to no coverage.)
Visit the Medical Plan Information Center for several ways to learn about the 2014 medical plans so you can make an informed choice during open enrollment. From webinars to interactive tools, the center has everything you need to know about our medical plans – how they work, what they cover, and how much they cost.
Need help deciding? Check out the Medical Plan Evaluator. This new tool lets you determine your biweekly costs plus estimated out-of-pocket expenses. Dental and vision costs are also listed on My HR.
Take the credit! You and your spouse/domestic partner can each earn a wellness credit of up to $600 off the cost of your medical coverage for showing your commitment to your health. The deadline is Nov. 30, so act quickly if you haven’t had an onsite screening or visited your doctor yet. Learn more
If you are enrolling your spouse or domestic partner for the first time Anthem will ask you a few questions about his/her situation, including whether he/she has access to group coverage through another employer. Your answers determine whether you receive a $50 per paycheck credit to offset the higher cost of spouse/domestic partner coverage in 2014. If you answered these questions last year and your spouse's/domestic partner's situation is the same your answers will carry over for 2014 coverage. 
If you had medical coverage in 2013, and you choose to waive that coverage in 2014, you will have to confirm that you have coverage elsewhere. 
Once enrollment begins, you can enroll any time you want from any place you want. It's easy to enroll in your benefits. With around-the-clock access to your personal benefits program, you can enroll from either work or home. To enroll remotely, go to My HR . You can also review and edit your elections as many times as you like during the enrollment period.  
You will receive an email confirmation by the end of the next business day after you enroll, so you don't have to wait until open enrollment is over to confirm your elections. If you change your mind during the open enrollment period, you can still make changes by logging in to eBenefits in PeopleSoft. 
The deadline for enrolling is 11:59 p.m., ET on Nov. 15, 2013. HRSolutions is available to answer questions – email or call 866‐777‐9636.  

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