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Anthem Blue Cross : Large Group Health Plans (51 or more Employees)

Large Group Health Plans (51 or more Employees)

To learn more about our non-standard options for Large Groups please contact your Anthem Blue Cross sales representative  

Medical Plans

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HMO - Pick-a-Plan; Pick-a-Network  
Traditional HMO Network — with more than 35,000 California physicians and specialists, and more than 370 hospitals
Select HMO Network — our high-performance network, which has demonstrated its commitment to cost efficiency, with locations in 23 counties
And now, introducing …. Select Plus HMO Network — our new statewide provider network that offers more access than the Select HMO Network at a lower cost than the traditional HMO
Premier HMO

Offers single office visit copay for PCP and specialists and no deductibles.

Classic HMO

Member per admission hospital copay on all plans; separate PCP and specialist office visit copays.

Value Copay HMO

Introduced per day Inpatient copays and offers separate PCP and specialist office visit copays.

Value Coinsurance HMO

An opportunity for significant premium savings; coinsurance for inpatient and outpatient hospital care; separate PCP and specialist office visit copays.

Value Deductible HMO

Include deductibles for inpatient and outpatient services; offers separate PCP and specialist office visit copays.

Advantage HMO

Allows members to choose a PCP from a narrow network of medical groups and pay a lower copay; or, members can access the broader network and pay a higher copay.

PPO Plans  
Premier Plus

Offers premium benefits, including infertility treatment and expanded limits on alternative health services

Premier PPO

Rich benefits with low deductibles, low office visit copays and low coinsurance

Classic PPO

Provides affordable coverage, comprehensive benefits and a fee schedule of services for out-of-network providers


Pairs low-cost PPO plans with Generic Rx to provide full PPO health benefits and generic-only pharmacy benefits

OnePlan PPO

Offers rich in-network benefits and a single Rx copay option

Solution PPO Plans

Lower-priced, high-deductible PPO plans with predictable office visit and prescription drug copays with first dollar coverage for office visits, preventive care and pharmacy

Lumenos Plans  
Learn more about our consumer driven health plans, including Health Savings Account (HSA), Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), and Health Incentive Plus Account (HIA+)
Lumenos PPO with HSA (Health Savings Account)

Our HSA enable participants to pay for current health expenses and save for future health care and retiree health expense on a tax-free basis

Lumenos PPO with HRA (Health Reimbursement Account)

A more active approach to health care where employees allocate a certain amount of money that each employee can use to pay for health care and prescriptions with traditional health plan protection

Lumenos PPO with HIA Plus (Health Incentive Account Plus)

Like an HRA, employees receive annual allocations to health accounts. Offers first-dollar coverage and unused funds roll over from year to year


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