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Anthem Blue Cross : Pharmacy Network

Pharmacy Network

Our retail pharmacy network includes more than 64,000 pharmacies across the country. That means your employees have access to their prescriptions wherever they are – at home, work or even on vacation. 
Simple access
The network includes most chains and some local, independent pharmacies. And, it’s easy to check if a pharmacy is in our network. Employees can simply visit and use the “Find a Doctor” feature to find a network drug store near them. Or, they can call us at the number on their ID cards. We’ll give them the names and addresses of drug stores close to them. 
Home delivery
The Home Delivery Pharmacy, operated by Express Scripts, delivers the right prescriptions, at the right cost, right your employees’ front doors – all using free, standard shipping. 
It offers your employees a safe, convenient way to obtain medications they take on a regular basis for a long period of time.  
Specialty drugs
Specialty drugs are taken by 1% of the population but they account for 25% of drug costs. 
Our preferred specialty pharmacy, CuraScript, operated by Express Scripts, can help you and your employees manage the costs for specialty drugs while helping them get the best possible results from the drugs they take. 
Specialty drugs are those drugs that come in different forms including oral (i.e., drugs taken by mouth, like pills or liquids) but are often injected, infused or inhaled. They most often need special storage and handling, need clinical monitoring, cost a lot of money and are given to a patient by a doctor or a nurse. 

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