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Sometimes you need expert information and support from a trusted source. We provide programs to address your concerns and give you the assistance you need in reaching your health goals.  

The 24/7 NurseLine provides anytime, toll-free access to registered nurses for answers to general health questions and guidance with critical health concerns. Callers can also access confidential, recorded messages about hundreds of health topics.

MyHealth Coach is a personalized service which offers the member one-on-one counseling from a health coach. The health professionals provide support to both members and their families in a variety of ways, whether seeking advice on specific health goals, reducing overall health care costs, or simply taking advantage of the wellness benefits offered through their specific plan.

Healthy Lifestyles includes a team of health professionals that helps members take steps toward improving their health in key areas, such as: weight management, stress management, physical activity, diet and nutrition, and smoking cessation.

Better Health is a set of on-line, interactive, and self paced programs providing personalized guidance to improve overall health. Members will receive motivational tips and support, as well as the tools and knowledge to reshape their lives in six key areas: exercise/fitness, nutrition, weight loss, stress management, smoking cessation, and sleeping better.

Future Moms provides moms-to-be with telephone access to nurses to discuss pregnancy-related concerns. This program provides an educational packet, which includes a book about pregnancy, a questionnaire to evaluate risk for preterm delivery and other tools to help track pregnancy week-by-week and prepare for baby.

MyHealth Advantage provides timely alerts in the mail, called MyHealth Notes, which notify you of possible gaps in medical care, medication alerts or possible ways to save money. Early detection of potential health issues may lead to decreased health care costs.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential information, support, and referral service offering tools and resources designed to help maximize productivity and meet the challenges of modern life. As an employer-sponsored program, EAP services are available to employees and their household members at no additional cost. Areas frequently addressed by the EAP include child care and parenting, life events, financial issues, addiction and recovery and much more.

Health program offerings vary by state. Specific programs are included in your health plan and others are available for additional cost. Contact your human resources department or benefits administrator as appropriate for eligibility and further details.  
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