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Anthem Blue Cross : Our Prescription Drug Plan

Our Prescription Drug Plan

Our pharmacy program is about more than processing claims and making prescriptions available. It’s about looking at our members holistically.  
When you have our medical AND pharmacy programs, you get benefits that are coordinated, which helps your employees close gaps in care and improve their health. And healthier employees can mean more productive employees and reduced health care costs for employers! Naturally, we integrate our medical, pharmacy and lab data – but we go beyond the data to help ensure coordination of our people, programs and knowledge. 
With our drug list and our gaps-in-care messaging, we improve member health. When we develop our drug list, we see how drugs work in real life for our members. We use our medical and pharmacy data and analyze claims to make sure the medications really work.  
When clients have our medical and pharmacy benefits, the integration and coordination is generally associated with lower medical costs of $8 to $16 per employee per month compared to clients that do not have our pharmacy program. For a client with 10,000 employees, that could mean savings of up to $1.9 million per year.*  
But that’s just the beginning. 
Improving the health of our members
We encourage medications that improve member health, and we see how drugs work in real life for our members. We help members make good health care choices and close care gaps 
Reducing total health care costs
Cost-of-care and clinical programs focus on total costs, and we encourage medications that reduce total costs. Both medical and pharmacy costs are our responsibility. 
Ensuring coordination of care
Medical and pharmacy strategies are consistent; based on same goals. Policies are aligned. We engage members and their doctors. 
Simplifying the member experience
Our medical and pharmacy experts work collaboratively. Members have one contact, one card. Clients have one contact, one contract, one eligibility feed, and one invoice. 
Learn more about our integrated medical and pharmacy programs. 
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Anthem Blue Cross is the trade name of Blue Cross of California. Anthem Blue Cross and Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company are independent licensees of the Blue Cross Association.