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Anthem Blue Cross : Small Group Dental Plans (2 to 50 Employees)

Small Group Dental Plans (2 to 50 Employees)


Dental Complete PPO Plan

Our Dental Complete PPO plan gives employers the best of all possible worlds. With access to one of the largest dental networks in the nation, we offer more providers and deep discounts, along with ways to customize our plans for total flexibility that help target your employees’ overall health. 
Through Anthem Whole Health ConnectionSM – Dental, we help your employees achieve optimal oral and overall health with: 

100% in-network coverage for diagnostic and preventive services (exams, cleaning and X-rays).

An additional cleaning or periodontal maintenance procedure each benefit period for members who are actively engaged with a nurse in one of our Medical Care Management programs for certain medical conditions.

Brush biopsy benefits to help detect oral cancer.

Care alerts sent to members who have certain medical conditions.

Ask a Hygienist free email service where our dental professionals are just an email away for free, personalized advice.

An Online Oral Health Assessment to provide personalized oral health recommendations.

An Online Cost Estimation tool to help research typical charges for a variety of dental procedures.

Dental Health & Wellness Condition Kit which provides turnkey promotional campaign material and resources to help you promote good dental health with your employees.

We also offer dental plans that include pediatric dental essential health benefits. These benefits provide important coverage for kids up to age 19, including preventive care, fillings and more extensive services like medically-necessary orthodontia.  
Members have access to one of the nation’s largest dental networks with more than 98,000 unique dentists in all 50 states at 255,000 access points – and we’re growing. With 98% of our members having access to an in-network dentist within 10 miles of their home or work, we have the access your employees want. 
When you have health and dental with us, you and your employees will appreciate our time-saving combined administration services. And when our members need us most, our dedicated dental customer service representatives are available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. Plus, we have many online resources which are available around the clock. 
We’re able to negotiate deep discounts from our network providers, saving members, on average, 30% to 32% on their covered dental services. We give employers total budget planning flexibility with a range of contribution options — from 100% to 0% (voluntary/employee-paid plan options). 
Find out more about how dental, vision, life and disability products from Anthem may benefit your business.  

Dental Net® Dental HMO Plans

Our Dental Net DHMOs have no annual maximums,1 no deductibles and no waiting periods. That’s unlike many dental plans that limit the amount of services members can get in a year. Also, members can get a good idea of their costs because Dental Net plans have set copays for nearly 300 different procedures, including fillings and crowns. Dental Net even covers things like composite (tooth-colored) fillings on any tooth and general anesthesia for oral surgery. 
Plus, members will really like Dental Net’s orthodontic coverage. The costs are lower than you might expect. These are just $1,695 for children up to age 18 and $1,895 for adults, plus $200 for retention. Without insurance, these services would cost a lot more. 
The Dental Net network has 8,800 general dentist and specialist access points in California. Services must be received from Dental Net providers. Members choose a primary care dentist who coordinates any specialty care or orthodontic services that are needed. 

Voluntary Dental Plans

Want to offer dental coverage that costs you even less? With voluntary dental benefits, you can give your employees access to the extra coverage they need. And it comes at no extra cost to you. Your employees get the advantage of group rates rather than a higher cost individual dental plan and, in some cases, they get access to benefits not available on an individual basis. 

International Emergency Dental Program

All our dental members and their eligible, covered dependents automatically have access to the International Emergency Dental Program.* With this program, they can get emergency dental care from our listing of credentialed dentists while traveling or working nearly anywhere in the world. 

Out-of-Network Reimbursement

It is important to understand how an in-network dentist may be able to help you save money. In-network dentists have agreed in a contract with us to accept specific amounts for various dental services. Because there is no similar contract with out-of-network dentists, they can bill you for the difference between what we pay and what they charge. For further information regarding out-of-network reimbursement. 

® Anthem is a registered trademark. ® The Blue Cross name and symbol are registered marks of the Blue Cross Association © 2015 Anthem Blue Cross.

Anthem Blue Cross is the trade name of Blue Cross of California. Anthem Blue Cross and Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company are independent licensees of the Blue Cross Association.