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Access your Tools

We’re committed to provide University of California Graduate Students and their family with the information and knowledge they need, when they need it, in the way they need it to help them make the best decisions. To us, “transparency” is more than a buzzword or a set of tools. It’s the philosophy by which we live and serve our clients and members.  
In order to serve you better in you language and assess our members’ language needs please call the number on the back of your ID card to update your profile including preferred spoken & written language. Certain documents can be made available to you in Spanish, Tagalog, Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese. 
Helpful benefit information while traveling abroad. 
These forms can be used by all UC members to submit claim for a non participating provider or a foreign claim. 
(Please note this service is available to members of certain campuses only) 
A grievance is a written or oral expression of dissatisfaction regarding the plan and/or provider, including quality of care concerns, and shall include a complaint, dispute, request for reconsideration, or appeal made by a member or the member’s representative. When the plan is unable to distinguish between a grievance and an inquiry, it shall be considered a grievance. 
This form should be used by members who are in a course of treatment, or pregnant, whose physician does not participate in the Anthem Blue Cross network, or whose medication is not part of the Anthem Blue Cross formulary. 
HIPAA Member Authorization Form  
The HIPAA privacy rule limits the use and disclosure of a members protected health information (PHI) without an authorization from the individual or their legal personal representative. This form will need to be filled out by the member to designate anyone other than a UC benefits representative to receive PHI.  
ID Cards  
You will be assigned an ID number that can be used for both your medical and vision program. Shortly after enrollment, you will receive a letter from Anthem Blue Cross with an ID card containing that number. You must give that ID number to your providers in order to receive care. You may also use that number to register on this website to access secure areas containing your eligibility and claims information. If you have lost your ID card, you may obtain a replacement by logging in and printing a new card, or you may contact Anthem Blue Cross Customer Service department at 866-940-8306. 
Anthem Blue Cross offers a Bariatric Surgery Network 
Member can research the statistical quality of hospitals, including, the number of patient's treated in one year, complication rates, and hospital reputation for specific conditions. 
In order to get a full view of your 360° health benefits you must sign in as a member and go through the member portal. Anyway you look at it, your health is important. That's why your traditional health plan complete with all the components you've come to expect from a health care plan looks a little different. Everyone has varying medical needs and different learning styles. That's where 360° Health comes in.  
360° Health features MyHealth@Anthem, a website specially designed to help you and your family make healthier choices to improve wellness.  
Decision Making Tools:  
MyAnthem – MyAnthem is fast, easy and at your fingertips. View claims, review explanation of benefits (EOBs), request an ID card, access personalized health information and tools, and more. Just the information you need and the power to get things done.  
Healthcare Advisor – Member can research the statistical quality of hospitals, including, the number of patient's treated in one year, complication rates, and hospital reputation for specific conditions.  
Hospital Comparison Tool – Allows members to research:  
Statistical quality of hospitals
Number or patients treated in one year
Complication rates
Hospital reputation for specific conditions
Treatment Cost Advisor – Allows member to estimate potential out-of-pocket costs for medical services.  
Symptom checker – Assists member in determining what might be causing discomfort through targeted questions.  
It’s like an IQ test for health. The Health Assessment is designed to measure your health.  
Organize your medical information and time spent with your doctor.  
Your path to better health starts here. MyHealth@Anthem provides access to a secure, personalized website and interactive health tools that are built around you, your benefits and your health.  
Doctor recommendations from the people who know them. Their patients.  
Is an “active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence”  
Wellness Calendar – click on the monthly topics to view the articles  

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