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Anthem Blue Cross : Enhanced Personal Health Care Program – Medical Panels

Enhanced Personal Health Care Program – Medical Panels

The Enhanced Personal Health Care Program empowers primary care physicians (PCPs) to engage in those comprehensive primary care functions that move us toward a coordinated, evidence-based care model that has the greatest impact on achieving the triple aim of improved quality, patient experience and affordability. 
The Program introduces the concept of the Medical Panel to encourage broad-based practice participation across markets while helping to ensure that patient access needs are met and physician performance assessment is statistically valid. The Medical Panel structure will support collaborative learning and community accountability for quality and affordability. As outlined in the Program Description Medical Panels will also serve as the basis for establishing Savings Pools, which contribute to the amount a practice receives under the Incentive Program. 
Formation of Medical Panels  
Medical Panels can be composed of individual physician practices or a group of practices. During a period of time prior to the start date of the Measurement Period, you may have the opportunity to submit your preference for your Medical Panel to us. If such opportunity is available, this page will include a form for submission of Medical Panel preferences, as well as a list of practices that have been selected for participation in the Program. Prior to the Measurement Period start date, Anthem will assign Medical Panels for participating practices, and this information will be available on the secure provider portal. You will have an opportunity to review your Medical Panel assignment at that time. If you are satisfied with your assigned Medical Panel, or you do not submit your preference to us within the timeline indicated on the Anthem provider portal, you will remain in your assigned Medical Panel for the duration of the Measurement Period. Anthem will make reasonable efforts to consider all preferences submitted in a timely manner; however, we cannot guarantee that all preferences will be accommodated. Anthem reserves the right to make all final determinations on Medical Panel formation.  

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