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Anthem Blue Cross : Patient Center Primary Care Program

Patient Center Primary Care Program

Enhanced Personal Health Care is our centerpiece value-based, patient-centered care program and an important part of Anthem Togetherworks, our name for our provider collaboration work.  
You may sometimes see this program referred to as “Blue Distinction Total Care.” This is the name that some employers, notably those with employees across many states, use to refer to the collection of patient-centered, value-based payment programs that Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans across the country sponsor. For that reason, some of your patients may know the program as Blue Distinction Total Care.  
What’s behind our program? Enhanced Personal Health Care was designed carefully, based on pilot programs we sponsored on the leading edge of the patient-centered care movement. It is designed to be a complete package, including financial incentives and value-based compensation, but also provides support for making changes to the delivery system that drive better care. This support comes in the form of meaningful information, clinical insights, analysis and administrative advice from local staff who are committed to the success of our provider partners.  
The payment, information and support we offer are meant to support important changes for participating practices. Each program element supports these key elements of patient-centered care: expanded access, shared decision making, proactive health management, coordinated care delivery, adherence to evidence based guidelines and care planning built around the needs of the individual patient.  
Millions of our members already have benefitted from high-quality, patient-centered care delivered by Enhanced Personal Health Care providers. As our offerings under Anthem Togetherworks expand, Enhanced Personal Health Care remains a solid foundation for our collaborations with doctors and hospitals across the health care system.  
Program Description
For a more complete description of the Program, access the Program Description via the following links: 
Program Description modified 1/1/2017 – Program Description for the Enhanced Personal Health Care Program  
Program Description modified 7/1/2016 – Program Description for the Enhanced Personal Health Care Program  
For a comprehensive description of the quality and utilization measures and how they are scored, access an example of the Commercial Measurement Period Handbook. If your organization participates in the Program, a copy of the Measurement Period Handbook that is specific to your Measurement Period will be distributed to your practice approximately 90 days prior to the start of the Measurement Period. 
Program Topics
To learn more about specific Program topics, access these links below:  
Program Resources
Additional resources to assist in transforming your practice for the Program.  
Live webinars, valuable Triple Aim Learning Opportunities, the Practice Essentials curriculum, and our extensive on-demand recording library. 
For more information, e-mail us at
In your e-mail, include your name, practice name, tax ID and phone number with area code.  

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