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Telehealth and COVID-19

June 02, 2020

As our nation continues to face the COVID-19 pandemic, making sure you can access care when you need it is our priority. Telehealth options let you do this safely, securely and conveniently from your own home.
Telehealth and COVID-19 infographic
Infographic Text
You have options to see health care professionals online
When you or your loved ones want to see a doctor or other health care professionals, consider telehealth visits. It might surprise you how many different types of health care professionals offer online appointments. It is important to ask your doctor or health care professional if they have this service.
What is telehealth?
Telehealth or telemedicine, connects you to health care professionals by two-way video or live chat using a smartphone, tablet or computer with a webcam.
Telehealth has never been more important.
  • A stay-at-home approach helps keep everyone safer in this difficult time.
  • Your first line of defense should still be your primary care doctor and specialists. Call or email the doctor’s office to see if telehealth visits are available.
  • In the last four weeks, 50% of doctors and health care professionals have reported shifting most of their patient visits to telehealth.1
Did you know you can see different types of health care professionals virtually?
Every situation is unique, but here are a few possibilities:2
  • Vision – Access online eye exams, renew contact lens prescriptions, or order new glasses or contacts.
  • Dental – Ask about online emergency exams, consultations and even orthodontia care.
  • Mental health – See a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist by two-way video.
  • Physical therapy – Share a screen and follow along with a physical therapist.
Tips for successful telehealth visits:
  • Find a quiet, comfortable and private place for your sessions.
  • Install your doctor’s video conferencing platform.
  • Check that your web browser, internet connection, microphone and camera work.
  • Turn off voice-activated services to avoid being recorded.
  • Be sure connections are secure and password-protected.
  • When using video, try to face away from windows or other screens.
  • Write down what you want to discuss, so you do not forget.
Whatever your needs, telehealth can deliver both high-quality care and peace of mind.
1 Anthem community poll data, April 2020.
2 Not all doctors and health care professionals offer a telehealth option. Not all telehealth services are covered. Please review your plan benefits to verify which telehealth services are covered by your plan.

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