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Get FARM, a great health plan for small businesses

October 23, 2019
Are you looking for a health plan that can give you more rate stability and even more ways to save? You’ve got it. 
Welcome to the Georgia FARM Plan! A great new health care solution that gives small businesses like yours an easier, more affordable way to offer health care to your employees, with a lot less worry. How? Easy!
The Georgia Farm Bureau has teamed up with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem) to offer groups with at least two 2 enrolled employees and no more than 50 eligible employees, and fall within a broad range of agricultural SIC codes an opportunity to participate in a larger, alternative funded pool. This way, they can join together to share in the overall claims risk and have financial protection backed by Anthem. Pretty smart, right?
Learn more about Georgia FARM Plan
Wouldn’t it be great to have one central place to access all kinds of FARM plan communications? That’s why we’ve created this handy toolkit. It has emails, social media posts, newsletter articles – and everything in between. So, if you’re looking for a specific type of communication to provide to Georgia Farm Bureau members, save yourself some time and start here.
Benefit summaries
Benefit summaries outline the basics of an Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan, providing quick references to deductibles, coinsurance amounts, limitations and exclusions when members receive covered services. Refer to the plan certificates for more complete explanation of the specific services covered in a plan.
Selling FARM plans to small groups, your 2020 guidelines
This guide will help you better understand our Small Group Underwriting Guidelines for Georgia FARM plans. What’s inside includes general information on FARM plans, documentation requirements, how to get enrollment started and important contact information.
Quoting new groups
Checklist for installing a new group
All groups new to FARM need to submit the following documents. Here’s a checklist to assist you with a clean submission identifying the most commonly missed fields that must be completed. 
NEW! Adobe Sign is now available for small group implementation
Adobe Sign is a software program allowing employer groups and brokers to sign forms electronically. The software includes the Employer Enrollment Application, EFT form, Product Dues and Acknowledgement form, Participation Agreement form and Employer Plan Document bundled together for quick and easy electronic completion.
You will need to complete the following documents along with Adobe Sign.
All forms must be completed and submitted as one package.  If any forms are missing, not completed or signed, the document will be returned for completion and will delay the implementation process.
Submit sold case paperwork to
If you prefer to submit the forms separately, find the required documents below.
Georgia FARM Plan documents
Product Dues and Acknowledgement form
Participation in the FARM Plan requires the payment of product dues to the Georgia Farm Bureau, which is in addition to the membership fees. Product dues are based upon the number of enrolled employees in the FARM Plan, and will be billed separately from your membership dues on an annual basis.
Participation Agreement form
The Participation Agreement is the agreement between you and the Georgia Farm Bureau, and it outlines your responsibilities as a participating employer. These responsibilities include your agreement to join or to maintain a membership in good standing with the Georgia Farm Bureau and comply with the terms of the FARM Plan.
Employer Plan Document
This document establishes a group’s plan, specifies the benefits provided under the plan by referencing the benefit booklet that will be issued by Anthem, and delegates to the Georgia FARM Plan the powers needed to administer the program on a group’s behalf.
All forms must be completed and submitted as one package.  If any forms are missing, not completed or signed, the document will be returned for completion and will delay the implementation process.
Submit sold case paperwork to
Q: What is a Georgia FARM Plan?
The Georgia FARM Plan is a self-funded trust that is established or maintained for the purpose of offering group insurance. It is governed by Trustees and By-Laws that satisfy the Georgia Department of Insurance (DOI) requirements.
Q: Why choose the Georgia FARM Plan?
This alternative self-funded solution could be a good fit for you for many reasons including:
  • Competitive rates
  • 19 fully comprehensive medical plans, 3 of which are HSA
  • Predictable, fixed monthly payments
  • Flexibility in choice of benefit plans
  • Broad networks through Anthem’s Open Access POS and Essential Rx formulary (drug list)
  • One ID card, one group number for Medical, Dental, Vision and L&D
Q: Who is eligible to participate?
The Georgia FARM Plan is available to small business employers who are either a sole proprietor or a group with at least 2 enrolled employees and no more than 50 eligible employees that fall within a broad range of agricultural industry SIC codes. The business and all participating employees must be in good standing with the Georgia Farm Bureau and the business domiciled in Georgia. 
Q: Are there product dues?
Yes. In addition to medical premium each group must pay product dues. Product dues are $4 PEPM. Groups will receive these two invoices from Anthem with one combined draft making it easier to track and pay the bill.
Q: Who makes the decisions for the Georgia FARM Plan?
There is a Board of Trustees that oversees the Plan and ensures that the Plan complies with all applicable laws and regulations.
Q: Can we join the Georgia FARM Plan at any time during the year?
Yes, however, all participating employers in the Georgia FARM Plan renew on August 1 of every year starting in 2020.
Q: Are dental, vision, life and disability options available?
Yes, participating employers in the Georgia FARM Plan are eligible for discounted ancillary plans offered by Anthem. This includes dental, vision, life and disability. These are stand-alone, fully insured plans for which the participating employer contracts directly with Anthem.
Q: Is there a FARM network of doctors & medical facilities? How will out-of-network situations be handled?
The network for FARM is our Open Access network with Essential Formulary with Rx Choice network. Out-of-network claims will be handled as explained in each SBC and Benefit Booklet.
Q: Will groups be able to remain on their ABF plans?
Upon renewal groups will discontinue the ABF products. We will not sell any new ABF products in the Small Group market in 2019.
Q: Are all premiums paid through electronic funds transfer (EFT)?
Yes. There will be two EFT transactions, one draft for medical and one draft for specialty. Monthly drafts will occur on the 10th of the month prior to the effective date.
Q: Will Medicare be primary on the GA FARM Plan for groups?
No, CMS guidelines dictate that Medicare is not primary on the GA FARM Plan.
Q: Do you offer COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) for GA FARM Plan?
We follow the same COBRA guidelines as we do for fully insured groups. Groups over 20 can offer COBRA. Anthem does not offer administration assistance at this time.