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Insurance for Individuals and Families

Anthem offers health coverage plans for you and your whole family. We have budget-friendly plans to support your unique care needs. We also offer extra coverage options like dental and vision insurance.
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Your Coverage Options

We are proud that one in three Americans carry a Blue-branded card, which is accepted by many health care providers across the country.* As the most recognized brand in health care insurance, we offer access to the quality care you deserve.

Over 65? We have Medicare plans.

Health Coverage Options For The Uninsured

Selecting health insurance that’s right for you and your family is a big decision. You have options, whether you are uninsured or have recently experienced a qualifying life event, such as a job loss. This video explains those options and helps you decide which works best for you. You can also call the Coverage Option Hotline at 888-832-2583.


Anthem Tools to Help

Anthem is here to help you make informed health insurance decisions. Register with your member ID at or download the Sydney Health mobile app in the Google Play or Apple App Store.


Use the self-service tools on our secure website to:

  • See your claims and coverage details.
  • Estimate your costs on common procedures before stepping into the doctor’s office.
  • Manage your prescription benefits and search drug lists.
  • Check the price of a drug or refill a prescription.
  • Make monthly payments online.

Our mobile app makes it simple and convenient to:

  • Understand your benefits in one place.
  • Find doctors in your network.
  • Track your spending.
  • Get answers with interactive chat.

Your health is important to us. Sydney Health is a new way to focus on your health. It’s personalized, based on your needs and experience.