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See a medical professional in your home

April 15, 2021

See a medical professional in your home

through the Healthy at Home program

Medical professional consulting a patient at the patient's home.

When you need to see a doctor but aren’t up to leaving your home, now, you don’t have to. You now have access to high-quality healthcare in the safety of your own home, because Anthem is offering in-home medical care through Meridian Visiting Physicians (MVP) and the Healthy at Home program.

MVP has physicians and nurse practitioners on staff who will come to your home, or via telemedicine if you prefer, to provide you with personalized care and support. They will work with your regular office-based primary care physicians and specialists to meet your care needs, at home.

Your copay for visits with your MVP provider would be the same as your copay for an office-based primary care visit, and your co-insurance rate would be the same also.

Types of services provided
With MVP you can receive most services offered in a traditional office-based primary care setting. For example:

  • Medication management
  • Vitals monitoring and Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Counseling and education
  • Labs and imaging
  • Referrals to specialists
  • Vaccinations
  • Minor medical procedures
  • Preventative medicine exams
  • Diagnostic imaging and laboratory services

How to sign up for in-home visits
If you already received a letter, email, or phone call from MVP, call the number that was provided and they will help you register for the Healthy at Home program. If you haven’t been contacted, call 317-522-1328.

For more information about MVP and Healthy at Home services, go to

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