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Update on Empire BlueCross BlueShield’s negotiations with Stony Brook University Hospital

November 01, 2019
Empire BlueCross BlueShield is currently in negotiations with Stony Brook University Hospital for a new multiyear agreement. It is our sincere desire to reach an agreement with Stony Brook on reasonable terms so they can remain in network with Empire. We are working to reach an agreement that would protect affordability for our consumers and keep Stony Brook in our network beyond November 30, 2019.
Our number one priority during these negotiations is to protect consumers’ access to healthcare that is affordable and meets their specific needs. Empire cares about the value of the healthcare coverage our members and their families receive. We also believe hospitals and doctors should be compensated fairly, and this is reflected in the terms we offer to providers to participate in our networks. We are seeking a contract that will allow our members continued in-network access to Stony Brook providers and we will continue to try to reach agreement.
Should we not reach an agreement with Stony Brook by November 30, 2019, Empire will continue to have nationally recognized, high-quality healthcare alternatives for our members.
Letters are being sent to Empire members with information to help ensure their healthcare needs continue to be met.