This site has been specially designed for use by employees of The Cheesecake Factory. It provides quick and easy access to the Medical providers for enrolled staff members and their participating dependents in The Cheesecake Factory's Plans.


Find Care Tool


Search for care providers in the plan’s network by starting with the Plan you choose and where you live. Click on the plan you are considering or are enrolled in to take you to the correct network information. Please note that all plans listed below may not be available to you.

For all other states not listed above, select the network below for your provider search.


 Bluecard PPO network

If you will be enrolling in the TCF High Performance EPO (HPN) plan, you will be using the Blue High Performance Network (Blue HPN).


 Blue High Performance network


If you will be enrolling in the TCF EPO 6000 plan,the majority of you will also be on the Blue High Performance Network (BlueHPN). However, for those in areas without a high prevalence of HPN providers, you will be defaulted to the EPO 6000-OOA plan and utilize the Bluecard PPO Network.


To determine which network you qualify for, fill out a quick 10 second quiz here.


  • Yes: If you are advised BlueHPN is in your area, select this network to find in-network providers, despite where you live:

    Blue High Performance network
  • No: If you are enrolled in the EPO6000 OOA Plan, or if you complete the quiz at the link above and you are thanked for your interest but advised we continue to expand the network, then the BlueHPN is not yet in your area. Select this network to search for providers:

    Bluecard PPO network

*And, please note, the BlueHPN expands to new areas annually, so be sure to check your zip code again during open enrollment, to find out which link to use for the next year.*



High Performance Network (HPN) Information:



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