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Important Notice: Provider EFT Enrollments—Federal Mandate & Other Enhancements
Our EFT system is now available. Read more in the Communications section below.

Dental Provider Resources

Have you used our online dental claims, eligibility, and benefits website? Our web portal—powered by Availity—makes doing business with Anthem even easier.

Don't have an Availity account? You can register here.

Exclusive Savings for Dental Network Providers

Our Dental Provider Savings Program offers network providers discounts of up to 40% on in-demand products (PPE equipment, scanners), lab services (implants, clear aligners, dentures), and turnkey teledentistry solutions for your office.

Additional details and links to exclusive discounts can be found in the brochure.

Availity Gives You the Tools You Need

  • You get one easy website for claims and attachments.
  • You can check eligibility and benefits, manage claims, view remittances and complete secured administrative tasks online.
  • It’s easy to create an account with Availity if you don’t already have one.
  • You can view your patients' health records, including prescriptions, ER visits, lab results, and care alerts if your patient has a chronic condition.
  • Training is free online and available at your convenience—there's no need to schedule!
  • For more on how these features can support your practice, read or download our informational brochure.

Visit our Availity page to learn what tasks you can accomplish using Availity, how to register, and where to find training materials.

Learn more about Availity

Patient Health Record

Recent enhancements and original features on Patient Health Record (previously called Patient Health History) can help your office become more efficient by delivering critical health information so you can better prepare for your patients. For members with Anthem dental benefits and an affiliated medical plan, you can:

  • view medications, recent diagnoses, ER visits, or lab results that may affect your patients' dental health
  • confirm medical conditions that may display specific symptoms in the mouth
  • receive care alerts that notify you of any care gaps, or update your patients' medical condition
  • share patient vitals (like blood pressure, height, or weight), which can identify at-risk patients and reduce severity of systemic disease
Patient Health Record can positively affect your patients’ care and your practice. To learn more, read more about What it Is or review Frequently Asked Questions. To get started now, visit Availity.


We are excited to announce an important transition in our communication platform. Effective August 1, 2024, we are moving from this location to a new, dynamic site called Provider News, accessible at Provider News. This new platform is designed with usability in mind, providing enhanced features such as the ability to search articles by key terms and organization of articles by category. You can also print articles or save them as PDFs, to share crucial information with your colleagues. This enhancement enables Anthem to deliver essential updates to you in a more timely manner. We're thrilled to share this upgrade with you and look forward to the continued enhancement of our communications.

Check the Communications section regularly for ongoing communications to our participating dental providers. Our semi-annual newsletter, Dental Dispatch, has all the news and information you need to know, including details on new products and tools, policy updates, industry news, helpful tips, and more.

Forms & Guides

A library of the forms and guides most frequently used by our providers. Need help finding a document? Please contact your Network Services Representative toll free at 866-947-9398.

Clinical Policies

Dental Provider Services & Help

Please contact us if you have questions related to your network status, if you need assistance using our online tools, or if you need help finding information. For help using the Availity portal for dental providers, read our frequently asked questions

Provider Services

1-866-947-9398 (toll free)
Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST

Member Services

Varies. Please see back of Member ID card for contact information.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield providers access to networks of license dentist for insurance carriers,
health maintenance organizations, employers, labor unions, trusts, third-party administrators, affiliated and nonaffiliated companies, or other groups of individuals which extend dental care benefits to employees, dependents, members, enrollees and participants eligible to receive such dental care benefits under the terms of the Plans.

Below is a list of our current affiliated companies and other payors ("affiliates") to assist you in identifying members that may access treatment under one of these affiliates.

  • Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company DBA Anthem Blue Cross (CA)
  • Anthem Health Plans of Kentucky, Inc. DBA Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Anthem Health Plans of Maine, Inc. DBA Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Anthem Health Plans of New Hampshire,Inc. DBA Anthem Blue Cross andBlue Shield
  • Anthem Health Plans of Virginia, Inc. DBA Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Anthem Health Plans, Inc. DBA Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (CT)
  • Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. DBA Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (IN)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin DBA Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare Plan of Georgia, Inc. DBA Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Blue Cross of California DBA Anthem Blue Cross
  • Community Insurance Company DBA Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (OH)
  • CompcareHealthServicesInsuranceCorporationDBAAnthemBlueCross andBlueShield (WI)
  • DeCare Dental, LLC
  • Empire HealthChoice Assurance, Inc. DBA Empire BlueCross BlueShield An Anthem Company or
  • Empire BlueCross An Anthem Company (NY)
  • Empire HealthChoice HMO, Inc. DBA Empire BlueCross BlueShield HMO or Empire BlueCross HMO (NY)
  • HealthKeepers,Inc.(VA)
  • Healthy Alliance Life Insurance Company DBA Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (MO)
  • HMOColorado,Inc.
  • HMO Colorado, Inc. DBA HMO Nevada
  • HMO Missouri, Inc. DBA Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Matthew Thornton Health Plan, Inc. DBA Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (NH)
  • Peninsula Health Care, Inc. (VA)
  • Priority Health Care, Inc. (VA)
  • RightCHOICE Managed Care, Inc. DBA Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (MO)
  • RockyMountainHospitalandMedicalService,Inc.DBAAnthemBlueCross andBlueShield (COandNV)
  • UniCareLife&HealthInsuranceCompanyDBAUniCareAnAnthemCompany