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Information for Colorado

Provider Maintenance

Thank you for being a part of the Anthem network of health care professionals!

Providers contracted with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem) should utilize Availity’s Provider Demographic Management (PDM) application hosted on to request changes to existing practice information.

Request data updates via either one of the following options within Availity Essentials PDM:

  • Multi-payer platform option: Allows providers to make updates once and have that information sent to all participating health plans, submitting each change separately.
  • Upload Roster option: Allows providers to submit multiple updates within one spreadsheet via the Upload Rosters feature:

Roster Automation is a new system upgrade that will read a standardized form, identify necessary changes, and update the demographic system.

Roster Automation Rules of Engagement

Roster Automation Standard Template

If you are an existing contracted group and wish to add a provider, or if you are a non-contracted provider and would like to join Anthem’s network:

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