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Use our search tool below to find a plan provider close to home. You can search by name, specialty, location, and more.

Your Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Your main doctor is called a primary care provider (PCP). You can choose your PCP from the many doctors who work with us. Each family member can have a different PCP, or you can choose one to take care of the whole family.


Your PCP is listed on your member ID card and in your online profile.


Need to change your PCP? You can change your PCP using your online account or by calling Member Services at 844-912-0938 (TTY 711).

Provider Education And Training

You can get more information about the providers in our health plan. Visit to search for providers and find out where they went to medical school.


You can also search the American Medical Association (AMA) for providers who are members of the AMA. Use the DoctorFinder tool to search and find their medical school and training (residency).

Find A Provider




To find an in-network dentist near you, contact DentaQuest at 888-291-3762 (TTY 800-466-7566).



Find a dental provider 




Anthem members in Ohio receive routine vision services through EyeQuest. You don’t need a referral for vision care. For help finding a plan eye doctor, call EyeQuest toll free at 877-658-1801 or go to the EyeQuest website.


Find a vision provider 


Need To Talk To A Nurse?


Call 24/7 NurseLine at 844-430-0341 (TTY 711).

Our team is available 24 hours a day and can:

  • Give medical advice.
  • Find the right place to get care.
  • Help in any language.




As an Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield member, you can get rides to and from your doctor’s office, pharmacy, and other providers of covered services


Call Access2Care at 800-282-9720 to learn about eligibility and to set up your ride.


LiveHealth Online


Can’t get to your doctor? Visit a doctor 24/7 through live video using LiveHealth Online. All you need is your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Don’t wait until your next sick day.


Sign up today 




Your pharmacy benefits are covered under the state Medicaid program and managed by Gainwell Technologies. If you have questions about your pharmacy benefits, call 833-491-0344.



Printed Provider Directories


To request a provider directory be mailed to you at no cost, please call Member Services at 844-912-0938 (TTY 711).



Ohio Provider Directory


We work with thousands of doctors to help you get the care you need.


Search the Ohio Provider Directory 



Your primary care provider (PCP) can take care of many of your needs, but you may need care from another type of provider. If you do, your PCP may send you to a specialist. This is called a referral.


If you want to go to a doctor who isn’t your PCP, talk to your PCP first. If needed, they will refer you to a specialist in your plan.



You may need preapproval for certain services. Preapproval is when your doctor asks us to approve a service before you receive it. Your PCP will work with us to get the approval you need.  


You don’t need preapproval for: 

  • Primary care services 
  • Women’s healthcare services 
  • Family planning services 
  • Children’s screening services 
  • Services provided at local health departments 
  • Emergency care 
  • Urgent care 
  • Some behavioral health services (Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services)

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Call us at 844-912-0938 (TTY 711).
Additional benefit details are also available in your member handbook.