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May 06, 2022

On December 5, 2022, we learned that Regal Medical Group (RMG), a delegated provider and Business Associate contracted to perform certain administrative functions across California Medicaid, Medicare, and Commercial Exchange lines of business, experienced a cyber incident on or about December 1, 2022. Personal information stored on RMG’s servers was acquired by an unauthorized actor.

RMG hired third-party vendors experienced to assist with their response to the incident and restore access to their systems.

For patients who may have been impacted by the breach, the categories of impacted personal information may include, among other things: your name, social security number (for certain, but not all, potentially impacted individuals), address, date of birth, diagnosis and treatment, laboratory test results, prescription data, radiology reports, Medicare ID number, health plan member number, and phone number.

To learn more please visit,

For individuals seeking additional information regarding this event, a toll-free assistance line has been established. Individuals may call (866) 918-5293.