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Employee Health & Wellness Programs in California

Discover how your company and employees can benefit from our health and well-being programs.

Already have an Anthem health & wellness program for your company?

Healthy employees, healthy business. We’ll help you get both.

Employee health and well-being programs from Anthem give extra, personal support to empower employees to change behaviors and keep your company moving in a healthy direction.

Wellness programs make the most of your employee's benefits.

Empowered employees make smarter lifestyle choices for a happier, more productive workforce. It improves company culture and can lower costs, too.

Higher engagement in care

Employees with our mobile health and wellness hub have a 2x increase in use of programs and preventive services.¹
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By taking an active role in their health care, employees stay healthier and happier. 

Your employees can better track their health with Sydney Health mobile apps and digital tools.

¹ Based on Castlight Book of Business data and analysis
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Lower cost of care

On average, care management programs were able to reduce costs by $2,044 per each engaged employee.²
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Through data analysis, we identify health risks and opportunities for better health choices. Wellness resources and 24/7 doctor and nurse coach access help employees manage their health so they don't have to seek more costly care. 

² ETG Savings Analysis White Paper 2017
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Healthier, productive employees

Absenteeism costs can fall by ~ $2.73 for every dollar spent on wellness programs.³
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Employees can reduce health risks and get back to work faster after illness through our well-being and preventive health programs. 

³ Health Affairs: Worksite Wellness Programs Can Generate Savings (accessed February 2018):
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Better recruitment & retention

72% of companies plan to use wellness programs in next 3 years for improved recruitment & productivity.superscript 4
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Boost morale and company reputation with perks like well-being programs, which show that your company cares and can help improve employee job satisfaction. 

superscript 4 Willis Towers Watson: High-performance Insights – 2017 22nd Annual Willis Towers Watson Best Practices in Health Care Employer Survey (January 31, 2018):
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Give Employees Extra Support to Keep Going

You want to give your team the help they need on their journey to well-being. With tools to keep them moving in a healthy direction through employee wellness programs, Anthem will be there for your employees and for you.
  • Identifying gaps in care

  • Behavioral health support

  • Health condition management

  • Well-being tools

Identifying gaps in care

Everyone should be able to get the right care at the right time and right place. 

Data analysis identifies health risks and opportunities to prevent health issues and seek help early.

Employees can see if there’s a lower cost facility nearby through our shopper programs, saving time and costs.

Behavioral health support

When employees face challenges, you can help with our resources.

Programs for substance abuse and other conditions and outreach help at-risk employees.

Employees can call our dedicated 24/7 call center for help with program referrals, crisis intervention and for guidance making decisions.

Health condition management

Employees can better manage health issues with extra support.

Online wellness tools and preventive care programs help employees self-manage conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Support for moms-to-be to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Employees can receive care guidance through our 24/7 NurseLine.

Well-being tools

Information-sharing and education are key to our well-being programs.

Emotional well-being is a big component of physical wellness—we offer online resources, live support and mobile apps to engage employees and help you build wellness programs.

Employees can receive telephone support from health coaches and 24/7 NurseLine, schedule video visits with doctors using LiveHealth Online, or take advantage of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). It provides confidential resources to help employees and their household members address work and life challenges, and it’s offered at no cost to them.

Find out more about our EAP services.

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