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Anthem Whole Health Connection®

Anthem Whole Health Connection focuses on whole-person health—connecting medical with behavioral, specialty and pharmacy services. We leverage our legacy of network scale, integrate robust data sharing and emerging technologies, so we can deliver a best-in-class experience focused on the needs of the whole person. The result: better health, lower costs and a better customer experience.

Get savings when you add dental, vision, life, disability and more to your client’s medical coverage. We have small group and large group savings programs for fully insured and self-insured clients.

Lower medical costs by up to $5,700 for members who are at high-risk for chronic conditions by connecting medical and dental plans.1

Combining medical and pharmacy has helped lower emergency room visits and inpatient hospital stays by 8% and saved employers an average of $7 per member/per month.2​

The medical spend for those who used EAP was $75 per-member-per-month less than those who did not use EAP.3​


1 Source: 2018 American Journal of Preventive Medicine’s Impact of Periodontal Therapy on General Health Study, June 2014.

2Source: 2014-2017 internal data; analysis, 2018. Outcomes result from integration of our medical and pharmacy benefits. Results shown do not represent a guarantee of outcomes; group-specific results and cost savings will vary.

3Source: 2018 EAP Program Evaluation.

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You want to give your clients the help they need to keep their employees healthy. With programs to help members manage conditions or improve their overall well-being, and the tools to make it easy to keep them motivated Anthem will be there for your clients.

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