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Group Medical Insurance Plans in California

Learn how connecting health care plans with doctors, data and the right tools can lead to better employee health. 

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Medical Plans Connected to Better Health

Health plans that work together.

Health care that serves the whole person, saves costs and is easy to manage. See how.

Anthem Whole Health Connection®
When Anthem medical plans are combined with pharmacy, dental, vision, life and disability plans, everything works together. Through claims data and connections between the different types of care, doctors see a better profile of patients’ overall health. And that can lead to better care, better outcomes, and lower costs.

Save time by choosing a company that can help you cover all of your benefit needs.

Larger Networks For Better Access to Care

You want doctors and facilities that meet tough quality measures for better care, access and choice for your employees. Help your employees create those health care partnerships by offering them Anthem's extensive national network. They’ll find nearby in-network doctors, and you’ll enjoy lower costs when you choose flexible group benefits.

Your employees want convenience and choice in pharmacy plans. They’ll get both with nearby in-network retail locations and the convenience of our home delivery pharmacy with Anthem.
Employees can use our mobile app to find an in-network pharmacy close by, price a medication, or follow up on their doctor’s treatment plan through our pharmacy care alerts.
With more than 127,000 unique dentists in one of the nation’s largest dental networks, your employees will be more likely to find their preferred dentist already in their plan. 
And they’ll benefit from deep discounts on covered dental services through Anthem.
Working with Anthem, your employees will have access to the nation’s largest vision network including 38,000 eye doctors at more than 27,000 locations – including their choice of independent eye care practices, local retail stores or online suppliers for glasses and contact lenses. 
And you’ll enjoy easy administration with coordinated online tools. 

Connected to Care Anywhere, All the Time

You want care and resources that make achieving good health simple. Your employees will have support anywhere they are with Anthem ’s easy-to-use digital tools and resources for connected care.

LiveHealth Online®

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Using LiveHealth Online, your employees can visit with a doctor 24/7 or talk to a therapist or psychiatrist by appointment through live video on their mobile device or computer.
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BlueCard® for Health that Travels

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What if your employees are away from home but need care? They’ll have access to The BlueCard® PPO program that includes 93% of doctors and 96% of hospitals across the country. Outside the U.S., use the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core program with preferred care available in nearly 190 countries and territories worldwide. 
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24/7 NurseLine

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With the 24/7 NurseLine, your employees will find personalized care with a registered nurse who can answer medical questions or advise about level of care options.
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Online Tools

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With online resources available to educate and engage your employees, they’ll be able to manage health conditions with ease. They can use our mobile app, Sydney Health, or the Anthem website to check claims and find health tips and other resources.
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Connecting Members to High Quality Care

Enhanced Personal Health Care (EPHC) is Anthem's patient-focused care program in which participating providers are rewarded for improved health outcomes and are given the personal support, resources, and advanced data they need to make a difference in the quality of care they deliver to patients.

See how EPHC is helping providers deliver higher quality care and reduce overall costs.


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FlexHour Plans: Benefits for Your Intermittent Workforce

Today's workforce is changing to include more part-time, variable-hour and freelance employees. Employers need to stay competitive by offering a complete benefit portfolio and employees deserve access to affordable coverage.

Look no further for a turnkey benefit solution for your alternative workforce: Anthem FlexHour Plans have you — and your employees — covered.

Contact us to learn more about Anthem FlexHour Plans.

FlexHour Plans

Anthem FlexHour Plans offer flexibility, affordability and choice for medical, pharmacy, specialty, and supplemental health products.

Your employees want affordability and choice for their medical coverage. You can offer them both with our employer-sponsored, payroll-deducted, pre-tax options. Plus, our FlexHour Plans integrate pharmacy with medical coverage to help your employees better manage their health. Our plans:
Anthem FlexHour HealthAccess
  • Anthem medical and pharmacy networks
  • 100% coverage for preventive services
  • No deductible, no coinsurance, and no annual out-of-pocket max
  • Simple copayments for all covered services, including primary care and specialist visits
Anthem FlexHour HealthAccess Plus
  • All the features of HealthAccess
  • Plus inpatient and outpatient services covered on a co-pay basis
Anthem MVP Bronze
  • Anthem medical and pharmacy networks
  • 100% coverage for preventive services
  • Deductibles: $4,000 - $7,900
  • Coinsurance: 20-40%
  • Annual out-of-pocket max: $7,900 individual, $15,800 family
For those who need it, Anthem offers a comprehensive portfolio of supplemental plans, including:
  • Hospital and Hospital Plus Indemnity
  • Critical Care
  • Accident
With Anthem’s broad dental and vision networks, your employees will have access to exceptional care — often without having to change providers.
  • 100% coverage for cleanings, exams, and x-rays
  • 50% - 80% coverage for restoration services
  • $50 deductible
  • $1,000 annual benefit
  • Annual exam: $20 co-pay
  • Frames: $130 allowance and 20% off the balance
  • Lenses: $20 co-pay
Rounding out our single-source, comprehensive coverage, FlexHour Plans also offer term life insurance for employees and their dependents, as well as short-term disability insurance.
Term Life
  • $20,000 per employee
  • $2,500 per dependent
Short-Term Disability
  • 50% of employee’s salary
  • Up to $125 per week
All our plans are backed by turnkey, comprehensive administration for employers and 24/7 support for members.
For Employers
  • Worksite marketing and communication
  • Full eligibility management
  • Missed premium solutions
  • Per pay period administration
  • Multi-carrier platform
  • Embedded medical management
For Members
  • LiveHealth Online app
  • Sydney Health app
  • Provider Locator
  • 24-Hour Nurse Line