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Supplemental Insurance for New Hampshire

Be Protected in New Hampshire with Critical Illness Insurance available from LifeSecureTM

We know unexpected health events can create stress, uncertainty and potentially a big financial rough patch. So, in collaboration with LifeSecure we’re offering simple, budget-friendly supplemental insurance solutions—to protect you from worrisome costs so you can focus on your health when you need to most.

Purchase a supplemental insurance plan in New Hampshire to complement your current medical plan. Please make sure to review the insurance option available in your area.

Critical Illness

Get ready for the unexpected with a financial buffer.

Simple and straightforward supplemental insurance plans like LifeSecure’s Critical Illness can help you with high deductibles and other expenses that quickly add up when a serious sickness happens.

Gain peace of mind and be more financially prepared with a LifeSecure Critical Illness insurance plan. Receive a payout of cash lump sums on covered critical illnesses to be used for any living expenses you have, to satisfy your deductible, or other out-of-pocket costs.

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*LifeSecure Insurance Company (“LifeSecure”) underwrites and has sole financial responsibility for the Critical Illness insurance product. LifeSecure is an independent company and there is no ownership affiliation between LifeSecure and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. LifeSecure products do not offer qualifying health coverage (“Minimum Essential Coverage” or “MEC”) that satisfies the health coverage under the Affordable Care Act. The termination or loss of one of these policies does not entitle you to a Special Enrollment Period to purchase a health benefit plan that qualifies as MEC outside of an Open Enrollment Period.