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At Anthem we focus on connecting our healthcare plans with doctors, data, and tools. It’s how we help your retirees feel confident and supported -- achieving better health outcomes.


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Group Medicare Health Insurance


At Anthem our plans give your retirees richer benefits while keeping your costs down. We offer prescription plans, PPOs and HMOs, plus integrated Medicare Advantage solutions that combine Medicare Parts A & B, prescription drug, health and wellness, vision, and dental into one comprehensive plan.


Our customized plans provide your retirees with a more complete health picture that is backed by our brand strength, Star ratings, and robust national network. It allows your retirees to detect issues sooner and receive coordinated care faster. Healthier retirees provide you with sustainable savings.


Our constant drive to improve how you and your retirees are protected and cared for can lead to a new sense of confidence – a confidence that helps people wake up every day and achieve great things.

The Anthem Difference


Our Anthem Group Retiree strategy relies on retiree-first practices, pricing stability and predictability, and smart, strategic execution. With these as our foundation, we utilize data and innovative tactics to deliver sustainable solutions to you, resulting in your retirees leading healthier, happier lives.


We also offer customizable plans. From co-pays to benefit levels, we can match existing coverage to ensure continuity between your current plan and our group Medicare Advantage product. 


Many plans rated 4 Stars or higher by CMS



Access a national network of over 640,000+ Medicare doctors, specialists, and hospitals



90% member satisfaction rating among retirees
(Source: 2020 Anthem Customer Service metric analysis)

Why Anthem Group Medicare Advantage


Anthem Group Medicare Advantage plans provide you and your retirees with more value than traditional Medicare. We help you provide your retirees greater access, lower costs, and higher quality care through:



Fully insured plans with lower, fixed premiums, and reduced OPEB (Other Post-Employment Benefits) liability



Option to design a tailored medical and/or prescription drug plan



Holistic care programs that focus on keeping your retirees healthy and closing gaps in care



Seamless transition to our Medicare Advantage plan


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Access to Services and Programs

Anthem’s programs are designed to keep your retirees healthy and productive. Our healthcare management strategy ensures that every one of your retirees, regardless of health status or geography, has the support needed to live a healthy life. Not only do our plans offer lower out-of-pocket costs for you, but they are embedded with comprehensive offerings that support the health of all your retirees.

First Impressions Welcome Line

The First Impressions Welcome Line specializes in providing support to ease your retirees’ concerns and provide education, so they enjoy the full benefits of their coverage.

Holistic Health Management

Our programs take a comprehensive, whole-person approach to your retirees’ health and quality of life. Multi-phase programs aid them as their needs change — from healthy and active to the final stages of life. We know that helping members stay healthy, keeping them out of the hospital, and preventing readmission can help minimize expenses.


For example, your retirees will enjoy access to the SilverSneakers® fitness program, designed exclusively for them and offers physical activity, health education, and social events at a variety of participating locations throughout the country.

Cross-Country Coverage

Our market-leading national network and passive PPO option enables your retirees to get care from the doctors and specialists they’ve come to know and trust — at no extra cost. They will also have access to our 24/7 NurseLine and doctors­­ with our LiveHealth Online option, giving them peace of mind, day or night.

Digital Resources

As your retirees increasingly adapt and adopt to high-tech innovation, we make it easy for them to use online tools and apps to access personal health information, review benefits, have online doctor visits and manage overall health. With our industry-leading, easy-to-use digital solutions, your retirees can access all these resources and more.

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