Labor And Trust: Service For Over 75 Years

Anthem's experienced and dedicated Labor & Trust team is ready to provide solutions for your unique labor and trust challenges. We'll customize your plans, save you money, and provide quality support for your members.


Our established national leadership, large networks, and flexibility combine with local staffs that understand your state and industry. Together we create an effective partnership that will serve your needs well into the future.

Strong Ties And Stronger Solutions


With more than 75 years of experience supporting labor, Anthem is uniquely qualified to provide solutions that meet your unique needs. We are driven to provide the customized plans that support the health of your workers.

Anthem As Your Ally


Anthem Labor and Trust provides all our clients with the support needed to ensure they have coverage with the richest benefits at an affordable price.


Our breadth of experience with Taft-Hartley and multiemployer funds allows us to provide a better future for you and your workers.


We lead the way in providing customized solutions that conserve your fund money while improving your members' engagement in their health and well-being.

We Understand Your Needs


The labor industry is different than it was 20 years ago and so is healthcare. As costs continue to rise, and your fund's business becomes more complex, we remain committed to helping you find the most cost effective solutions while preserving rich benefits that many union members are accustomed to.


Now, more than ever, it's important that you have a partner who understands the challenges you're facing. We can provide a breadth of options to meet your fund's needs and control your costs -- without sacrificing quality of care.

We're One Of The Largest Carriers

We are proudly serving 2.1 million+ unionized workers, retirees, and their families* Our plans have access to 95% of doctors and 96% of hospitals nationwide. Our coverage offers peace of mind to multiple generations of hard-working Americans.


*Anthem internal data, 2022.

Our Unique, Integrated Healthcare Approach

Your members' health is our first priority. That's one of the reasons why Anthem has put so much emphasis on finding unique ways to partner with our providers. Working together, we ensure your members with emergent and/or chronic conditions get the care they need when they need it.

We're Experts In The Business

With more than 75 years of serving organized labor, we're loyal, dedicated, and our labor commitment has never been stronger. Our associates have long-term experience with labor and many of us grew up with personal roots in labor.

We continue to listen to labor's concerns and direct our product development resources to address those concerns through innovative solutions.

Making Health Simpler, Smarter, More Affordable


Our tailor-made plans go beyond medical, meeting member needs at every point on their life journey.

The Best In Care, Experience, And Cost — For Everyone


Our focus is on optimized member experience and outcomes in every respect, while providers more effectively and efficiently manage performance — all through an industry leading network.


 Driving down the total cost of care

 Delivering on affordability

 Looking at members holistically

 Developing local solutions and partnerships

 Shifting from fee-for-service to value-based care

Our Digital-First Approach

For funds, Anthem's multidisciplinary team of experts is dedicated to understanding your business, achieving better results, and reducing costs. For members, our analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) provide real-time, real-world behavioral insights, which we transform into improved outcomes and smarter digital experiences.

Treating The Whole Person

The more complete our view, the more we can proactively identify, address, and even prevent health problems, reducing costs and improving outcomes. That's why our data is integrated across medical, pharmacy, dental, vision, behavioral, and financial wellness — with relevant information shared via a real-time digital provider portal.

Benefits Beyond Retirement

Greater access, lower costs, and quality care also extend to your retirees. Our holistic Group Medicare products are fully insured plans with lower fixed premiums and reduced OPEB (Other Post-Employee Benefits) liability. We can also design a tailored medical and/or prescription drug plan and provide a seamless transition to our Medical Advantage plan.

Redefining High Performance Networks


To save money and improve outcomes, Anthem is driving the transformation to value-based care. To get there, we're shifting from fee-for-service payment models, incentivizing providers for quality standards and results, not for how many patients they see.

Delivering The Right Care, In The Right Place, At The Right Time


Understanding where your members are on the health continuum, we provide them with the tools and support to target their unique areas of need.

Care Options

Members choose from telephonic advice, on-demand video, and in-person visits with one of the largest networks nationwide.

Predictive Outreach

With analytics-driven targeting, we identify those who best benefit from intervention to keep conditions from worsening.

Chronic Care

We provide one-on-one support for those managing chronic or complex conditions.

Personalized Match

Using machine learning, members are connected to the best provider based on their health profile.

1.7M providers in value-based programs like Blue Distinction Total Care.

Proudly serving 2.1 million+ unionized workers, retirees, and their families*.


*Anthem internal data, 2022.

5-9% lower overall total cost of care.*

*Blue Cross Blue Shield Association website: Personalized Healthcare, Nationwide (accessed February 2019): a national network of preferred provider organization (PPO) providers through the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association's BlueCard® program, an association of independent, locally operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans.

More Members, More Engagement


Helping members achieve goals like no health plan ever has.

An Intuitive, Connected Environment


By integrating medical, pharmacy, dental, vision, behavioral, financial wellness, and claims data, we create an unparalleled view of member health. Then, we identify products and programs that close care gaps, lower costs, and deliver better outcomes


A Digital Member Experience, Driven By AI


Our solutions are personalized, simple, guided, and affordable, giving members everything they need to make the right choices for their needs, on their terms. Each experience is highly customized, enabling better care coordination, encouraging preventive care, and motivating healthy habits

A 360-Degree View Of Member Health


Our newest digital tool is the front door to a more personalized, guided, and powerful member experience. It integrates all the benefits — like pharmacy and specialty — linking all the stakeholders in one inclusive hub. It also generates gaps-in-care notifications, allows members to find doctors based on quality and cost, and provides personalized health tips.


Total Health, Total You


Navigational, clinical, collaborative, and digital support interventions yield the greatest outcomes — both for our clients and our members.

Through our people, tools, and innovation, we strive to manage costs, increase value, and improve outcomes.

Combining our industry expertise with the strength of The Blues and our provider relationships, we work to bring Labor and Trust members top-tier care.

Understanding Labor's commitment to their members, we can provide proactive, informed solutions to connect members to the right care at the right time.

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