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Small Business Health Insurance

We're working every day to free your time, and your employees' time —whether it's providing easy online tools or 24/7 support, we eliminate the hassles that slow you down.

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Small Business Health Plans

Choosing small group health insurance for your employees is not an easy decision for any small business owner. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield understands you need a plan as unique as your business and your employees.

That's why we’ve built plans with the total person in mind. Our small business health plans offer whole person care with coverage options for medical, dental, vision, life and disability to groups that range from 2 to 50 employees, and 2 to 100 employees in Colorado.

Managing small business health insurance costs

If saving on health care costs is important to your business, Anthem has great options to choose from. Our standard fully-insured portfolio, along with other plans, offers flexible financial arrangements that provide the right mix of benefits and cost options to help give you a competitive edge.

Wide range of plans

Choose from a variety of small business health plans, including HMO, PPO, EPO, Consumer-Driven Health Plan (CDHP) and Health Savings Account-compatible plans. They cover all of the essential health benefits required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including emergencies, counseling services, preventive care and more.

Flexible funding options

Manage your costs with funding options designed so small businesses can realize the savings of larger groups by accessing lower costs and more predictable rates. Anthem Balanced Funding (ABF) provides a predictable health plan arrangement that gives employers more control and rewards them when employees are healthier than expected. A Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) enables smaller employers to join together to share in the overall claims risk and offer employees health coverage with less worry.

In-network savings

By seeing doctors and hospitals in your plan’s network, you can take advantage of the significant discounts we’ve negotiated with them. Plus, they’re easy to find in our large nationwide network.

Bundling discounts

It pays to purchase more than one small group plan — dental, vision, life, disability and/or medical too.

  • Save up to 5% on dental premium when you purchase a new ACA dental plan along with vision, life and/or disability

  • Save up to 3% on your medical rates when you combine dental, vision, life and/or disability with a MEWA medical plan

  • Save on your ABF medical payments when you add dental, vision and/or life. Plus save up to 5% on your dental, vision and life premiums too

Bundling discounts vary by product purchased and state. Not all plans, products and discounts are available in all markets. Contact your Anthem representative for complete details.

Our plans were put together with you in mind.

Unlock the power of connected care

Anthem Whole Health Connection® offers an integrated approach to whole person care. By combining health care, pharmacy, dental, vision, life, disability and behavioral benefits, doctors can access your employees’ complete medical history to make more informed decisions. The more benefits that are integrated, the more complete the view and the savings will be.

We also provide dedicated support teams and tools to help coordinate care, instead of a complicated list of to-dos, referrals and prescriptions. And because there is no additional cost for Anthem Whole Health Connection, employers realize more value.

Personalized support every step of the way

Anthem Health Guide helps your employees find their way by simplifying the health care experience and providing a seamless transition from service to care.

Our guides are able to:

  • Connect employees to programs and needed support.

  • Spot medical gaps in care, such as routine exams and screenings.

  • Help employees save money on prescription drugs.

  • Compare costs, find in-network doctors and much more.


Anthem Health Guide

93.7% member satisfaction1

24/7 NurseLine

80% of members say the service is a trusted source1

Case Management

10.6% decrease in emergency room visits with this program2

Future Moms

82% of participants say the service is a trusted source3

1 Anthem Marketing Insights & Analytics, December 2016.
2 Clinically Powered Results & Insights, 2017. Results for plans with MyHealth Advantage and at least one other clinical program.
3 Anthem Member Satisfaction Survey, 2019.

Small business health insurance tools and resources you and your employees want most

We make it easy to manage your employees’ health care:

  • Oversee your group benefits easily and securely from wherever you are with our EmployerAccess tool

  • Enjoy the ease of a single bill and streamlined plan administration

  • One dedicated service team for expert support and solutions


Sydney Health mobile app

With our mobile app employees can manage their benefits, check claims, download an ID card, and find health tips.

LiveHealth Online

Employees can visit a doctor 24/7 or talk to a therapist or psychiatrist by appointment through live video on their mobile device or computer.

Health and Wellness Programs

Engage and reward employees who take part in healthy activities and make smarter health care decisions as part of your group employee insurance.


Medical and pharmacy data is connected in real time to find gaps in care, days or even weeks faster than standalone pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). Plus your employees can find a network pharmacy or compare drug prices with the Sydney Health mobile app.


Group Dental Insurance

Competitive plans with 100% in-network coverage for preventive services. Plus with one of the largest national dental networks, your employees will find more dentists close to work and home.

And when you connect Anthem dental with our health plan, benefits administration is connected too. You’ll even have one account team to work with you. All which makes for a simpler experience for you and your employees.


Group Vision Insurance

Give your employees access to one of the nation’s largest vision network including over 39,000 eye doctors at more than 28,000 locations.* They can visit independent eye care practices, local retail stores or online suppliers for glasses and contact lenses. And you’ll enjoy easy administration and access to coordinated online tools.

And when you connect Anthem vision with our health plan, benefits administration is connected too. You’ll even have one account team to work with you. All which makes for a simpler experience for you and your employees.

*NetMinder data, May 2020.



Group Life & Disability Insurance

Anthem's life and disability insurance coverage doesn’t begin when it’s time to write a claim check. We provide financial wellness resources that employees and their families can use right now to help manage emotional, financial and legal issues. Peace of mind was never so easy.


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