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About Dental Insurance in Colorado

Learn about what’s important to consider when choosing dental coverage.

How does dental insurance work?

Having dental coverage makes you more likely to get the care you need — and it helps you manage costs. Most get coverage in two ways:

  1. A medical plan that includes dental benefits
  2. A standalone dental plan from an insurance company like Anthem

Standalone dental plans offer more choices and benefits and include routine preventive care to complex procedures like root canals. Protect your health and finances with a dental plan from Anthem.

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The value of regular dental cleanings

The American Dental Association recommends scheduling regular appointments every six months and most dental insurance plans provide coverage for valuable preventive care.

Minimal short-term costs
Poor dental health and resulting issues can cost you more in the long run with procedures like tooth extractions, root canals, or dentures.

Prevention saves
Regular checkups are easier and less expensive than tooth restoration. Many of our dental plans cover diagnostic and preventive care at 100% with no waiting period.

See how an Anthem dental plan can help you manage dental cleaning costs and more by covering your preventive care.

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What Are Dental Discount Plans?

Check out the facts on dental discount plans and compare them to the benefits of Anthem’s affordable full coverage dental insurance plans.


The facts on dental discount plans

  • Discount plans are NOT insurance
    You pay a small monthly or annual fee for access to discounts from a network of dentists
  • You pay the entire fee
    With no claims, the plan doesn’t pay for any portion of the cost of the services
  • Fewer choices of dentists
    Fewer participating dentists than Dental PPO networks
  • No out-of-network benefits
    If your dentist doesn’t participate in the discount programs, you pay the entire cost of the provider’s fees

Advantages of Anthem’s full coverage dental plans

  • Dental PPO plans are insurance plans
    Pays part of the cost of any covered service from dentists who agree to offer discounts for covered services
  • More options
    Dental PPO networks usually have more participating dentists than discount plans
  • Choice of in- or out-of-network dentists
    Benefits offered even with out-of-network dentists, though you may pay a little more
  • Pay less with in-network dentists
    Benefit from the negotiated discounts even when annual benefit maximum* is reached

Anthem has a variety of affordable dental insurance plans with different price points and out-of-pocket costs. Most plans cover 100% for exams, cleanings, and X-rays, without a waiting period.


* Network data from Strenuus, November 2017