PPO Dental Insurance Plans

Get preventive dental services like exams, cleanings, and X-rays with one of our Essential Choice PPO dental plans.

Advantages of Anthem’s Essential Choice PPO Dental Plans

No waiting period

With no waiting period, you can use your benefits right away for diagnostic and preventive care services.

Low deductible

Our plans have a low deductible, so your coverage will kick in right away.

Deep discounts

Savings is right around the corner when you choose an in-network dentist from our dental preferred provider organization network.


Anthem has one of the largest dental preferred provider organization (PPO) networks in the country.** While all dental PPO plans allow you to see any doctor, you’ll get the most from your insurance coverage (and save money), if you choose an in-network dentist.


Find a Dental plan that fits you. Explore all your plan options.

*Waiting periods may be waived or reduced with prior coverage 
**Dental Network Comparison Report, May 2020
*** $1,000 lifetime maximum for orthodontia ($500 per year) for children through age 18 (20 in KY)

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