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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in New Hampshire Partners with ConvenientMD to Open Drive-Thru COVID-19 Testing Site at Pease

March 31, 2020

PORTSMOUTH, N.H.— ConvenientMD and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in New Hampshire today announced they are partnering to open a COVID-19 testing site at Pease International Tradeport.

Anthem’s financial support will allow ConvenientMD to provide COVID-19 testing on a much larger scale. The push to provide additional testing services is in response to the unmet and growing need to identify COVID-19-positive patients as the virus spreads.

Before visiting the testing site at Pease International Tradeport, patients will first be evaluated at home by a provider using telehealth capabilities. After evaluation, the provider will determine eligibility for testing and refer the patient to the high-volume COVID-19 test site. Anyone in New Hampshire can visit this testing site, and if under 18, a legal guardian must be present at the time of the virtual urgent care service.

“We continue to take proactive steps to ensure the safety of our patients, employees, and the medical community during this time," said Dr. Mark Pundt, President and Chief Medical Officer of ConvenientMD. "With Anthem’s help and in a coordinated effort with the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, we're expanding outpatient COVID-19 testing at the Pease location for patients who may be experiencing signs and symptoms of COVID-19 with the mission of reducing the spread of this virus as much as possible. From the safety of their home, anyone in New Hampshire can now call 603-570-2800 to schedule a face-to-face virtual urgent care visit with a ConvenientMD provider, who will evaluate and refer them for COVID-19 testing if indicated.”

“Through our mission of improving lives and communities, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is committed to supporting our care delivery partners in their efforts to keep our communities safe during this public health crisis,” said Lisa Guertin, President of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in New Hampshire. “Increasing patient access to testing and identifying those patients who are COVID-19 positive will ultimately help to prevent the spread of this virus. We are proud to partner with ConvenientMD in taking a leadership role to support the health and safety of the people of New Hampshire.”

“ConvenientMD is a community-focused and purpose-driven organization founded in New Hampshire," said Gareth Dickens, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of ConvenientMD. “We are truly grateful to Anthem for their financial and operational partnership to make this a reality – we could not have done this without them. With more testing available, we can help get healthcare workers back to supporting our burdened hospital systems, we can more accurately diagnose the sick, and we can provide needed confirmed case counts to epidemiologists and population health experts so they can make the best decisions for our communities.”

Virtual Urgent Care services and COVID-19 screening and testing when indicated are available at this time from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., seven days a week. To be evaluated for COVID-19, call 603-570-2800.

ConvenientMD is a leading provider of urgent care and walk-in medical services in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. Anthem has been providing health benefits in New Hampshire for more than 75 years. 
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