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Anthem Revises Individual Health Plan Offerings for 2018

September 15, 2017

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield has served consumers in the Individual market in Virginia for more than 80 years and we remain committed to ensuring all Virginians have an option for health insurance coverage available to them. 
Since learning that 63 counties and cities would not have access to Individual health plans, Anthem has been engaged in further evaluation and discussion with regulators to ensure that no bare counties or cities exist in Virginia.
As a result of the ongoing discussions, today, Anthem filed to revise its Individual health plan offerings for 2018 to include both on- and-off exchange Individual plans in 68 cities and counties in Virginia. Sixty-three of these cities and counties would otherwise not have access to Individual market health plans. This decision will positively impact up to 70,000 Virginians—many of whom would not have had access to important health care coverage.

Anthem will remain focused on developments in the Individual marketplace and will continue to advocate for solutions that will stabilize the market and allow us to once again, offer Individual insurance coverage throughout the state of Virginia in the future.
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