Group Medicare Health Plans For Retirees

Anthem’s fully customized Group Medicare Advantage plans feature stable and predictable pricing, personalized retiree support, and hassle-free account administration.


See how we can help you and your retirees feel confident and supported, all while achieving better health outcomes. Email us to learn more about our plans.

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Supporting Members From Hire To Retire


More than 10,000 adults in the U.S. age into Medicare every day. With increasing rates of chronic health conditions, economic insecurity, and social isolation, retirees face unique health challenges.1


Anthem Group Medicare Advantage plans are designed to address those challenges, ensuring your retirees feel heard, understood, and confident about their future.

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The Anthem Difference


Today, Anthem serves more than 107 million people, including over 42 million health plan members. As a trusted partner and backed by the power of Blue Cross Blue Shield (1 in 3 Americans carry a BCBS medical card2), we’re dedicated to improving lives and making healthcare simpler.


 With a national network of over 1.3 Million doctors and hospitals, retirees can see providers they know and trust.


 Our PPO plans let retirees see any doctor that accepts Medicare—whether in-network or out-of-network—for the same cost share.


 We connect retirees to the right care at the right time through a holistic approach—with an unwavering commitment to simplicity, affordability, and member experience.


 93% member satisfaction.3




Fully Customizable Group Retiree Plans

No two businesses are alike, so why settle for cookie-cutter plans for your retirees? Anthem offers fully customizable plans that fit your business, your budget, and your members’ needs.


Innovative Programs And Services

Our healthcare management approach ensures that every one of your retirees, regardless of health status or geography, has the support needed to live a healthy life. Not only do our plans offer lower costs for you, but they are embedded with comprehensive offerings that support the health of all your retirees. 

First Impressions Welcome Line

New retirees receive a pre-enrollment kit that explains their plan coverage and benefits. If they have any questions, they’re invited to call our First Impressions Welcome Line. One of our representatives can answer any questions and ease any concerns retirees may have before their new plan begins. 

Holistic Health Management Approach

Our programs take a comprehensive, whole-person approach to your retirees’ health and quality of life. As part of that approach, our personalized programs address each member's changing healthcare needs as they arise. Because we know that helping members stay healthy, out of the hospital, and preventing readmission improves their lives and can help minimize expenses.

Convenient, Cross-Country Coverage

Our market-leading, national network means retirees can see any doctor who accepts Medicare – in or out of network – at no extra cost. This is especially important to retirees who want to continue seeing the doctors and specialists they’ve come to know and trust, as well as those who travel.

Digital Resources And Solutions

We make it easy for retirees to use our industry-leading online tools and digital apps. Available anytime, anywhere, these resources let retirees access personal health information, review benefits, have online doctor visits, manage overall health, and more.

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1.      By 2030, All Baby Boomers Will be Age 65 or Older (


3.      2023 Anthem Customer Service metric analysis