Industry Solutions For Health Coverage

Anthem provides group health coverage options, collaboration, and expertise to industries that may not fit into traditional health insurance plans. Our options support plan members to make the most of their benefits and to maintain optimum health.

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Health Benefits For Federal Employees


Our Federal Employee Program (FEP) plans are specially designed for federal employees, federal retirees, and military retirees and their families. Anthem’s commitment to the health of our communities includes offering plans with large networks that provide access to quality healthcare and savings opportunities for our FEP members.

Labor And Trust


Our local, dedicated Labor team is ready to help address your needs and support your members on their health journey with:



A whole-health approach to benefits with vision, dental, and pharmacy integration.



A large, national network that can help you lower your costs.



A simplified, streamlined experience for your members.


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Anthem Student Advantage


Our plans are uniquely tailored to college life with access to providers that include coast-to-coast and international coverage. But more than that, they provide key integration with health centers and feature end-to-end support from a team of dedicated professionals.

Third Party Administration


Anthem offers employer solutions that enhance care while reducing cost and administrative burden. Our collaboration with AmeriBen1 provides expertise in claims administration and processing. Partnered with Anthem’s diverse network of local health professionals, we bring collaborative expertise to your healthcare plan.

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  1. AmeriBen is a wholly owned subsidiary of Anthem.