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Corporate wellness programs from Anthem give extra, personal support to empower employees to change behaviors and keep your company moving in a healthy direction.

Health And Wellness Programs You Can Be Confident In


Anthem understands the importance of giving your employees benefits to care for their whole health — financial, emotional, physical, and overall well-being. Our health and wellness programs empower employees to make smarter lifestyle choices for a happier, more productive workforce. It improves company culture and can lower costs, too.


Flexible Program Options


Choose either our Wellbeing Solutions or Total Health Total You programs. With Wellbeing Solutions, your employees receive a holistic care with a focus on prevention, engagement, and care guidance. And with Total Health Total You employees receive holistic care plus advocacy support.

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Wellbeing Solutions


From staying in good health to managing a chronic condition, Wellbeing Solutions offers something for everyone. Our comprehensive wellness benefits and support for a wide variety of health goals helps to lower the cost of care.  Employees have access to tools and programs designed to keep them engaged in their overall wellness and help them receive the care they need while working toward these goals:

Awareness and prevention for healthier living.
A simplified experience that promotes employee engagement.
Resources and care guidance for better outcomes.
Awareness and prevention for healthier living.


A simplified experience that promotes employee engagement.


Resources and care guidance for better outcomes.


Living Healthy

Our programs and incentives can help motivate your employees to establish healthy habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • An online health assessment that identifies areas members can work on to improve health and what to do next.
  • Reminders for important checkups, tests, and exams.
  • Proactive outreach, like gaps-in-care notifications.
  • A behavioral health case management program to manage complex behavioral health needs, providing online mental health resources.


A Personalized Experience To Promote Engagement

Your employees have personalized support through our mobile, digital, and telephone resources.

  • One digital experience, website, and app, to help employees navigate healthcare with personalized interactions tailored to their unique needs.
  • 24/7 NurseLine to answer questions.
  • Information directing your employees to appropriate places for care.


Healthy Results For Healthy Savings

Dealing with specific medical conditions can be difficult and costly. These programs help employees learn to manage their conditions successfully for improved outcomes and cost savings.

  • ConditionCare connects members to a team of experts to help them manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma and enhance their quality of life.
  • Future Moms provides coaching and education from registered nurses for all expecting moms at every stage of pregnancy, as well as support after the baby arrives.
  • Case Management supports members after a hospitalization or serious illness, with telephone nursing support and more. 


Engagement Plans

A Wellbeing Solutions buy-up option to reward employees for healthy behaviors. Choose from three packages – 200, 500 or 700. Depending on the package selected, it offers up $200, $500 or $700 in rewards for employees per program year. 





With Wellbeing Solutions, save up to $6 per member per
month (PMPY) on cost of care.1

Total Health, Total You


A well-being focused, total population solution, has a 100% workforce engagement strategy. It’s an end-to-end advocacy solution built on a customizable digital platform and concierge service model that makes a real-life impact.

Advanced Analytics

Our advanced analytics model is identifying emerging risk with 3 times more accuracy and providing solutions earlier. 2


Total Health, Total You delivers engagement strategies for 100% of your population. Members are assessed on their level of individual risk. And outreach and support are customized by the member’s risk level (low-risk, emerging-risk, high-risk) and their likelihood to engage.


Total Health, Total You is delivering a 2.6% reduction in medical, and pharmacy spend. And 30% more gap closures.3



Anthem Health Guide - our concierge customer care team helps employees navigate the healthcare system with the use of smart technology. These guides work to integrate clinical and provider information to provide a seamless employee experience. Learn more about how Anthem Health Guides can help your employees in this video.

Personalized Support


You want to give your team the help they need on their journey to well-being. With tools to keep them moving in a healthy direction through employee wellness programs, Anthem will be there for your employees and for you.

Sydney Health

When employees need medical care, the Sydney Health app can connect them to a board-certified doctor using a virtual text chat or a video visit. Employees can also use the app to quickly find urgent care centers nearby or search for in-network doctors.


Available at or the Sydney Health app, members can get answers via text, in real time.

Find Care

Locating providers and hospitals is easy on our mobile app or at Find Care brings together details on many providers in your plan’s network. You can easily compare information such as costs, location, and office hours.

Well-being Tools

Emotional well-being is a big component of physical wellness. Employees can receive telephone support from health coaches and 24/7 NurseLine, schedule video visits with doctors using Virtual Care.

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1.   Anthem actuarial analysis, 2019.

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