Dental Insurance Plans In California

Enroll in a stand-alone dental insurance plan anytime during the year or add it to one of Anthem’s health insurance or vision insurance plans. Explore options and shop plans in your area.

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Dental Plans That Meet Your Needs

Find affordable dental insurance plans in California that are easy to smile about with Anthem. Our plans cover preventive care like regular cleanings, exams, X-rays, and procedures like fillings, crowns, and root canals. Plus, learn about the importance of coverage for your whole family with our dental plan options that cover children, orthodontics, and dentures.

Choose A Dental Plan

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Essential Choice PPO Dental Plans

Good for individuals or families, we offer a range of options to help you save money on dental care. Visit any dentist you prefer or pay less when you choose a dentist from our extensive dental Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network.

  • Diagnostic and preventive care covered at 100% with no waiting period
  • No deductible for diagnostic and preventive services when you visit a doctor in your plan’s network
  • Shorter waiting periods than traditional plans for basic, complex, and major services
  • Higher annual benefit maximums up to $2,500

Dental HMO Insurance Plan

Anthem’s dental HMO plan is an easy and affordable dental coverage option that covers about 500 dental procedures. Take advantage of low copays and no deductible, unlimited cleanings, and your choice of dentist and specialist.

  • Most diagnostic and preventive services have no copay after a $10 office visit
  • No deductible
  • No waiting periods
  • No annual benefit maximum
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Making Dental Insurance Easy

Anthem’s online tools for members make it easy to use and understand your dental health and dental insurance benefits.

24/7 Teledentistry

Conveniently access virtual dental care.

Ask A Hygienist

Email a dental hygienist for personalized advice.

Dental Cost Estimator

Estimate costs based on your ZIP code.

Dental Health Assessment

Find out how to have and keep a healthy smile.

Why You May Need A Separate Dental Plan

Many people find value in buying dental coverage apart from their medical plan because separate plans usually offer more choices and may have better benefits to meet the needs of your whole family.

Have a health plan with minimal or no dental benefits?

  • Consider enrolling in a separate or stand-alone Anthem dental plan, which you can buy any time of the year.
  • Separate or stand-alone dental plans cover routine preventive care to complex procedures like root canals.
  • The plan covers cleanings, exams, and X-rays at 100% with no waiting period when you visit a dentist in your plan’s network.
  • A dental plan can save you money on dental care and help protect the health of you and your family.

Our experts can answer your questions and help you understand how to choose and enroll in a dental insurance plan that’s right for you.

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Learn More About Dental Insurance Coverage

Have you wondered how dental insurance works, what the benefits are, or if it’s worth having? Learn why having coverage is important and about your options for you and your family.

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Anthem makes it easy to understand dental insurance plans and gives you the information you need to choose the right coverage for you.

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Other Dental Coverage Options

Every individual and family has different dental needs. We can help guide you through our dental plan options that cover braces, orthodontics, and dentures.

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