Student Advantage: Insurance for Healthier Higher Ed

Give your students a health plan experience that’s truly built to help them navigate their health insurance – and their futures.

Student Minded


Health plans uniquely tailored to the speed of college life. Give students an engaging experience that empowers them to be their healthiest.


Sydney Health


Navigating the health care system can be confusing, especially for students new to managing their own care. With Sydney Health, students have an all-in-one app that makes it easy to learn, use, and make the most of their health plan.


Features include:



We Make It Easy: Quickly view ID cards, plan details, claims status, and providers. Students can register using their university student ID number.



Dedicated Member Support: Reach customer service via online chat or click to call.



Personalized Notifications: Get real-time care reminders such as preventive screenings and prescription refills.



Robust Educational Resources: Explore an in-depth library of articles, videos, and other student health content.



Student-Specific Programs: Establish healthy lifestyles now with programs tailored to students.


Let's Talk Student Health

Empower your students to manage their health with an experience that's truly built around them.

Tailored Programs For The Whole Student


There's no denying that your students have unique health needs—beyond just their physical well-being. One-third of college students drop out after just their first year, and mental health plays a huge part: Nearly two-thirds report feeling overwhelming anxiety, with 40% of students experiencing depression that makes it hard to function. Through Anthem Student Advantage, your students have access to specialized programs that care for the whole student.


What's more, in a recent survey, 58% of students said they would be willing to pay more for dental, and 49% would pay more for vision.


By addressing their biggest medical and mental health challenges head-on, you can help them to better balance school, life, health, and work throughout the course of their education.


Online After-Hours Care


Not all health issues come up during health center hours. Make sure your students can easily find the care they need day or night—whether it's seeing in-network providers off campus or connecting online 24/7 with doctors and mental health professionals.

LiveHealth Online Medical
  • Live, on-demand video visits via smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Costs the same as the office visit copay—or less
  • E-prescribing to your pharmacy of choice
LiveHealth Online Psychology and Psychiatry
  • Video visits with in-network, licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists
24/7 Nurseline
  • Help from registered nurses around the clock over the phone
  • Answers to general health questions and minor health concerns

School Friendly End-To-End Support


Your dedication to higher learning never takes a semester off—and neither does your support from Anthem Student Advantage.


A Fully Dedicated Team


With account management, operations, implementation, and member service as part of one dedicated team, you get a more collaborative approach to health that allows you to stay focused on your students. Plus, your Anthem team undergoes specialized training to deliver faster, more responsive service, and true end-to-end support for all your health plan needs.



Uniquely Focused On Student Health: We offer an end-to-end, fully-dedicated student segment.



Stable Business Unit: Over 75 years' experience, serving more than 215K students served across the country.



Customized Reporting: Data and insights to support your student health strategies.


Let's Talk Student Health

Empower your students to manage their health with an experience that's truly built around them.

In-Depth Health Center Integration


Say goodbye to a disjointed health care experience. With Anthem Student Advantage, your health plan and student health centers work together for greater flexibility and less administrative hassle. And our Sydney Health app makes for an even more seamless experience anytime your students need care.


Completely Compatible:



Contract with doctors, using their fee schedules



Streamline claims adjudication



Support "ledger" billing



Customize student health center communications, outreach, and reporting


A Seamless Transition


Switching health plan carriers can be a major burden not just to school administrators, but to students as well. By having a dedicated team to handle implementation, you can feel confident knowing your health plan will be up and running seamlessly, accurately, and on time.

No Extra Homework: Fully dedicated implementation with no administrative hassles on your end.

No Disruption To Students: Transition completed on time and in sync with students’ academic calendar.

Access Focused


Unlock access to a tailored network of high-quality care that's priced with the value of an education in mind.

The Confidence Of Access

Everywhere Your Students Are


In college, there’s no limit to where your studies can take you. Your students benefit from one of the nation’s largest provider networks, with care that’s easily accessible no matter where they live, work or study.



Well-Rounded Access: Students enjoy their choice of 96% of doctors and 95% of hospitals nationwide.



International Coverage: Providers in 200 countries and territories worldwide.



One Simple Experience: No separate paperwork or claims processing, even when studying out of state or abroad.



National Dental And Vision Networks: More than 38,000 eye doctors at more than 27,000 locations, and more than 130,000 dentists at more than 400,000 locations.



Let's Talk Student Health

Empower your students to manage their health with an experience that's truly built around them.

Pricing That Puts Education First


At a time when universities receive less funding and students face tuition increases, you need your health plan to be budget friendly. With Anthem Student Advantage, you have the power to offer your students health insurance at truly competitive rates, backed by deep network discounts and longstanding provider relationships in every community in the country.



Competitive Pricing: Sustainable rates that keep health care budget-friendly.



Discount Advantage: Among the industry’s deepest in-network discounts.


Healthcare With A Higher Purpose


75+ years of experience


215K+ students across the country


20+ years in the student marketplace

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