Individual And Family Supplemental Insurance Guide

Understanding Supplemental Insurance

Life isn't always predictable and unexpected health events can be worrying, as well as costly. At Anthem, we offer supplemental insurance plans to ease the stress and expense of unanticipated accidents or illnesses.


Learn more about our supplemental plans in these articles.

What is Accident Insurance?

When the unexpected happens, supplemental accident insurance can help pay the bills until you're back on your feet.


What is Hospital Indemnity Insurance?

If you or a family member have a long-term or unexpected hospital stay, hospital indemnity insurance will help cover the costs so you can focus on getting well.


What is Critical Illness Insurance?

No one plans for or expects a major illness. But if you’re diagnosed with one, having a critical illness insurance policy will provide extra funds to help you through to recovery.

Health Insurance

Looking for more traditional health insurance coverage? Navigating the world of healthcare can be challenging. This guide can help answer your important questions about how much health insurance costs, how to choose a plan, and more.

Find The Right Supplemental Plan For You

Learn more about how supplemental insurance and health insurance coverage work together to create comprehensive protection for peace of mind.


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