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Medicare Part D MediBlue Rx Plans With Anthem

Anthem offers Medicare Part D plans with excellent coverage and low or no deductibles. Compare cost and coverage of our MediBlue Rx Part D plans and get tips for using Anthem’s prescription drug search tool.

Compare Anthem Part D Plans

MediBlue Rx Standard Part D Plan

This plan is a good choice if you take fewer medications. It features low $1 copays for tier 1 prescription drugs.


  • Deductible as low as $350
  • $1 - $5 copays for most generic drugs at preferred pharmacies
  • Select list of covered drugs
  • Mail-order delivery for eligible prescriptions 

MediBlue Rx Plus Part D Plan

Are you taking multiple medications? This plan features no deductible and our largest list of covered drugs.


  • $0 Deductible
  • $1 - $3 copays for most generic drugs at preferred pharmacies
  • Broad list of covered drugs
  • Senior Savings Insulin Program
  • Mail-order delivery for eligible prescriptions

*In Missouri only, MediBlue Rx plans are called Blue MedicareRx Value and Plus plans.

Does Anthem cover your prescriptions?

Use our prescription search tool to find out if we cover your medications.


Search Medications 

What does Medicare Part D cost?


Finding the right Medicare Part D  prescription drug plan is important for your health and budget. Your Medicare Part D costs  are affected by the medications you take and the drug tier they fall into. Most prescription drug plans have five tiers of drugs, with generic drugs falling into the lowest and least expensive tiers. The Medicare Part D coverage gap  is another important factor in understanding your costs. Find out more in our detailed article on Medicare Part D costs.


Learn more about Medicare Part D costs 

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