Balance A Career And Caregiver Responsibilities

Balance A Career And Caregiver Responsibilities

Find the right balance between caregiving duties and your job. Working with your employer and connecting with a network of helpers will help you avoid juggling work and caregiving commitments.

Speak With Your Employer


Communicate with your employer about your caregiving situation. Your employer may be willing to help you find a more suitable balance with your work and your caregiver duties. Think of your employer’s needs and your own. Then offer solutions that fit you both.


Suggest flexible scheduling. Try a flexible schedule to keep more convenient hours for caregiving while still providing support for your employer.


Mention remote work. Many employers now have telecommuting policies. Work from home if you can and save time on commutes. Devote more time to caregiving while staying available to your employer from your home office.


Find Time with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)


As a caregiver, you can use the Family and Medical Leave Act to receive up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave from your job to commit to caregiving.


Build A Supportive Network


Create a network of backup caregivers who can take over while you go to work. Organize a schedule that fits everyone’s lives and your workday. Your network may include:

  • Your partner or spouse
  • Siblings
  • Friends or neighbors
  • Paid professional caregivers


Rejoin The Workforce During Or After Caregiving


If you left the workforce to become a caregiver full-time, a change in your caregiving role may give you the opportunity to restart your career. Here’s how to prepare for returning to the job market.


Update your resume. Include your caregiving experience. Caregiver skills may be valuable to employers, such as commitment, organization, and the ability to manage new challenges.


Learn new skills. Use time while caregiving to take online adult education courses. Develop new abilities while caregiving to prepare for new opportunities.


You can make caregiving and your career work together with smart scheduling. Find creative ways to keep that balance, and don’t forget to include time for yourself.