How to Adjust To Becoming A Caregiver

How To Adjust To Becoming A Caregiver

Your life changes when you become a full-time caregiver. Your loved one’s life does, too. 

Use these coping skills to manage the challenges to come.


Accept their changes. Your caregiver frustration might come from waiting for things to go back to normal. Embrace the new phase of a loved one’s life, which will make it easier to embrace the new phase of yours.


Know your care matters. You might feel you are not prepared or qualified to do the job. But try to accept that your devotion to a loved one translates into the highest level of care possible.


Face new challenges with new skills. Relying on medical professionals doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t continue to empower yourself by developing new skills. Here’s one example.


Learning to measure vital signs is a simple way you can help your loved one at home, including:

  • Checking temperature
  • Monitoring blood pressure
  • Checking heart rate
  • Learning the visual signs that immediate professional healthcare is needed

Learn more about your loved one’s medical condition. Your knowledge can be insightful to doctors and helpful in an emergency situation. 

Seek The Help Of Friends And Family


Build a support team of people willing to help. That way you are not the sole caregiver. Taking the lead role in involving others can help them discover the virtue of care.

Organize a schedule that balances your care team. A rotation of different people creates positive social engagement for your loved one. Your care support team’s duties may include:

  • Providing transportation for doctor’s appointments
  • Completing chores, from housework to cooking meals
  • Overseeing a loved one while others take a rest
  • Spending time in conversation with the loved one

Accepting The Caregiver Role


You might find that your caregiving role provides its own reward, even when it’s challenging. You have the chance to grow in the process. Devoting yourself to a vulnerable loved one may actually make you stronger.