How To Manage Health Insurance As A Caregiver

How To Manage Health Insurance As A Caregiver

You might need to do more than provide everyday physical care. Sometimes you have to step in to manage personal affairs such as health insurance, too.


The person you’re caring for must grant permission to allow you access to their health insurance information. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations require it. Keep these tips in mind as you handle these important matters.

Adding A Caregiver To An Anthem Health Plan


Log in at, select Profile, select Privacy & Access, and then select Add a Caregiver. Completing the online form will allow a caregiver to view or edit member claims, benefits, and other information on our secure website.

Receive Consent To Access Health Insurance Information


You can receive consent using a Member Authorization Form. Log in at Select Profile and select Privacy & Access to review and change who can view or transmit health information online.

Review Your Loved One’s Health Insurance


Your loved one’s health insurance plan may have to change to meet their changing healthcare needs Once you have consent, you should:


  • Look at the overall health insurance plan coverage to see if it meets their current healthcare needs.
  • Review costs such as deductibles, copays, and premiums to make sure the plan fits their budget.
  • Look for options for caregiver services. Some health insurance plans may cover professional in-home care to support your personal caregiver responsibilities.

Keep A File Of Medical Information


Create a file of all your loved one’s medical information to make sure you’ll have access critical data when you need it most. The file should contain:

  • Diagnosed medical conditions
  • A list of all doctors
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance information
  • Medical records and history
  • Medicines
  • Medication allergies

Speak with your loved one’s health insurer for help as you select the best plan for them. Reaching out makes caregiving a more manageable experience.