Stay Social As A Caregiver

Stay Social As A Caregiver

Your social life is an essential part of your well-being as a caregiver. Maintain your relationships to balance caregiving and your personal life.

Prevent Caregiver Isolation And Loneliness


You may begin to experience the effects of social isolation from spending too much time being a caregiver. Protect yourself from depression and stress by accepting that your life is just as important as your loved one. Make time for yourself, family members, and friends.


Take A Break From Caregiving


Schedule time for yourself. Turn to family and friends to fill in during your time off. Also consider professional caregivers to be there for your loved one while you are away. Make the most of your time off with planned activities. Schedule the right amount of time so you feel refreshed, including mini breaks, a designated day off, and vacations.

  • Mini breaks

Take an hour or so away from caregiving. Meet up with friends for coffee or lunch, or schedule an hour at the gym with a family member.

  • Designated days off

Schedule a day off now and then to spend time with friends. Take that extra time for activities you love best and use the full day to recharge.

  • Vacations

Take a week away from caregiving duties to really reset. Extended time off gives you the opportunity to focus even more on your relationships and yourself. If you have carefully organized a care plan for your backup caregivers, you can rest easy.

  • Limit check-ins

You might want to make a quick call while away to check on your loved one’s status. That’s okay. But try to limit check-ins. They can create worry that prevents you from enjoying your personal time.


Remember, caregiving is only one part of your broader life. Find the ideal balance between relationships with friends and family and your work as a caregiver. You may discover you feel better about both.