Advocates On Your Side: Anthem’s Total Health Connections Team

May 11,2023

Read Time 1 Minutes

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Charlene went into nursing after being a caretaker for her sick grandmother. Lynette loves to help people accomplish their health and wellness goals. While each highly trained health advocate on the Total Health Connections team has been led to their role through a different path, they’re united by a common purpose: to help people and their families navigate the healthcare system and achieve the best possible outcomes.

It’s important for employers to recognize that each person's health journey is unique — and supporting employees with whole-person care can benefit their overall health, presenteeism, and help lower costs of care. Through a first-of-its-kind advocacy solution, Anthem’s Total Health Connections matches employees with dedicated family advocates who serve as a single point of contact for their health needs. Each health advocate provides inclusive and compassionate support within a framework of trust, making sure every individual understands exactly what they need to do next — and helping them feel safe and protected along the way.


Advocates also collaborate with a comprehensive clinical team to facilitate a continuous circle of care. These clinical experts span all major medical specialties from oncology to behavioral health to palliative care.


Watch this video to learn more about a few members of the Total Health Connections team, and hear why they decided to become health advocates.