How Anthem is Evolving Healthcare Advocacy

Mar 05,2024

Read Time 2 Minutes

Imagine a world where people and their healthcare providers can seamlessly connect with up-to-date insights that help unlock their best health. This vision of care delivery offers 24/7 communication to provide answers on-demand, and predictive analytics that make the right resources available at the right time. Think about the benefits of boosting employee morale and productivity while reducing total cost of care.

With advocacy solutions like Total Health Connections, this vision is the new reality. Built on trust, informed by data, and strengthened through provider partnerships, this new era of whole-health advocacy helps everyone access the resources they need.


The Latest Real-Time Data And Analytics


Today’s approach to whole health starts with staying a step ahead of a person’s needs. Using one of the industry’s largest data sets, Anthem transforms data into powerful healthcare insights that can anticipate health trends and prevent future problems. The result is a more predictive, proactive, and personalized experience.


Whole-health care is also made increasingly possible by algorithms that identify potential barriers to care in real time. Making it easier to spot issues before they can become full-fledged problems helps bridge health gaps and improve outcomes.


Innovation To Power Health Improvement


Technology is rapidly evolving, and so is the power of Anthem’s analytics engine. Anthem’s current systems identify members where their support can have the biggest impact. Opportunities range from improving overall health to reducing the risk of disease through preventive care, avoiding costs, and even slowing disease progression. With this level of advocacy, employers can access high-quality, timely care at lower costs — a benefit for both workers and employers.


Healthcare Expertise With A Human Touch


While artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning add depth to healthcare insights, they cannot replace the human touch. Dedicated Family Advocates leverage technology, tools, and data to get a full picture of health for each individual. They work to understand each person’s health journey, factoring in important considerations like social drivers of health. Advocates offer inclusive, compassionate support to ensure that individuals have equitable access to the care they need in the way that works best for them.


Advocates help connect people to expert care, family support, or other community resources. These same advocates also collaborate with an in-house team of clinicians with healthcare expertise in dozens of medical specialties.


Better Provider Relationships Means Better Care


Total Health Connections takes Anthem’s provider partnerships to the next level, providing high-quality, connected, and coordinated whole-health support for your employees. Our advocates can view providers' care plans and work with individuals to help close gaps in care, improve compliance with follow-up appointments, and alleviate mental, physical, financial and emotional barriers to care.


By connecting people, data, and technology in meaningful new ways, Total Health Connections helps untangle the complexity of healthcare and create better outcomes. It all starts by making care provider access easier, simpler, and more affordable.