Providing Meaningful Health Benefits For A Geographically Distributed Team

Jan 03,2022

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Large organizations have always had to grapple with providing health benefits for a geographically distributed team. From navigating different time zones to simply ensuring everyone is in the loop, it can be challenging to support employee health and wellness across a large or multi-site national workforce.

Today, the U.S. workforce has become even more dispersed with many employees working remotely full or part time. This trend is predicted to grow. 40.7 million U.S. workers — nearly 28% of respondents to Upwork's Future Workforce Report 2021 — are expected to be fully remote in the next five years, up from 22.9% in November 2020.


PwC is in agreement, reporting that "83% of employers say the shift to remote work has been successful for their company."



Meet Your Employees Where They Are


With more employees working from home, it’s important to provide health benefits that accommodate your workforce no matter where they live. One way to do that is by harnessing innovative health technologies — specifically, virtual care tools. By investing in virtual care options, you connect your employees to support that’s right for them and improves their health.


The next step is adopting a whole-person approach. It’s important to have integrated health plans that support your employees’ medical benefits and wellness initiatives with expert provider networks. That way, you can address those employees who live in areas with fewer providers and struggle to find the right healthcare services outside of virtual care options. Also, you can address other employees who may have plenty of provider options, but require more personalized guidance for their health.


To support your employees' health and wellbeing, provide comprehensive but localized benefits via a strong virtual care component. Virtual care options help your employees feel covered and protected no matter where they live.



Meaningful Solutions Start With Virtual Care


You want to offer meaningful, empathetic options that connect employees to care in simpler, more effective, and more affordable ways. To accomplish this, you need comprehensive benefit offerings that provide:


  • Personalized guidance

  • Precision insights

  • The right care at the right time, regardless of location

  • Smarter care programs

  • Simpler virtual access

  • Total-person care

In other words, you need to leverage real-time connections and integrated solutions to provide care designed around your employees. This offers a more personalized virtual healthcare experience that employees can engage with. Enabled by digital tools, a virtual care approach provides greater access, more flexibility, improved outcomes, and lower costs.



Empower Your Workforce With Personalized Healthcare Tools


Providing health benefits for a distributed team requires a comprehensive vision and a localized approach. Empowering your workforce to take control of their whole health with virtual tools will help build a sense of trust, confidence, and, ultimately, peace of mind for your employees — whether they are down the hall or across the country.


By reaching employees where they are and ensuring they have access to personalized and affordable virtual healthcare, you're ensuring your distributed team members are connected, engaged, and have the tools they need to maintain their best health.